Eurogamer: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex Edition Review

With large chunks of the gaming world busy getting in a right old lather over Modern Warfare 2, the belated appearance of a Wii port of the 2007 original the other day had all the impact of a Johnstone's Paint Trophy scoreline on a wet Wednesday night.

And just like the Swindon vs. Norwich match this week, it has nil-nil written all over it, with Activision hoping for the best by fielding its Treyarch reserve team. The bold intention was to release a fully-featured conversion, complete with all the levels and multiplayer features that have turned the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game into a 13-million selling blockbuster over the past two years.

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EvilTwin3685d ago

"General movement and combat is intuitive and responsive, though the slower-than-usual turning speed makes it trickier to beat a hasty retreat when avoiding grenades. Tweaking sliders only improves the situation to a degree.

"The controls are far from the best, and no amount of menu sliders can mask the fact that the game just doesn't feel at home on Nintendo's platform."

If you shrink your bounding box and max the turn sliders, you can do a 180 much faster than you can with dual analog. It's not even close.

I hate reading reviews for games where the controls are yours to customize, and the reviewer just can't tweak them to their liking. Same thing happened with some of Conduit's reviews. Have these people never played on PC, where tweaking is a pre-requisite?
And there are plenty of presets, too. Pick one.

As for the lag...maybe there's an issue over in Europe. I sure haven't had any problems.

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"While you might expect shadowing and lighting to take a hit on the Wii, it's the muddy texturing, jagged geometry and facial detail that are especially disappointing. On standard-definition TVs this might not be that much of a problem, but anyone playing this on an HD set may find certain scenes less palatable. The overall effect isn't completely ruinous, but it's important to stress this is by no means the best possible port the system could accommodate judging by the quality of games like Metroid Prime and The Conduit."


Prime 3 and Conduit weren't ports. They were ground-up offerings, built specifically with the Wii in mind.

This wasn't. Its code was intended for much more powerful hardware. To get the visuals Retro or HVS came up with, Treyarch would've had to completely rebuild the game from scratch.

Plus, COD4 has a LOT more going on than either of those games. Prime can run at 60 FPS with cool level architecture because there just isn't much combat.
TCon runs at the same framerate as MWR, but the maps are much, much smaller and simpler.

Meh. To each their own.