EA: Europe Didn't Get The "Tone" Of Army Of Two

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani talks to Alex Hutchinson, creative designer on Army of Two: The 40th Day about the "tone" of the first game.

According to Hutchinson, Europeans didn't seem to get the humour, and Hutchinson went on to agree that although the game sold well, it wasn't a critically acclaimed title.

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AndyA3674d ago

God that game was awful. And not, in any, funny. Apart from the unintentional homoerotic comedy that is.

Fyzzu3674d ago

Ah, come on. It was terrible, yes, but it was so-bad-it's-good in places.

anh_duong3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

i agree.. army of two sounds like the sort of movie you order in plain brown envelopes - although i never ordered anything in plain brown envelopes in case you are asking

Dorjan3674d ago

Gotta "love" American humour...

*canned laughter*

hay3674d ago

Storyline was weak, humour was hardly developed, chars were rather generic, while renders were really good, weapons didn't get the weight and feel how they should be and sound team didn't do a great job either.
It was very mediocre to be honest.

I played it only in co-op mode with my friend and it was feeble experience.
But shooter hotheads like my brother-in-law and my nephew did love it.

I guess the game didn't met the expectations of demanding gamers.

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dgroundwater3673d ago

Yeah, "humour" and "tone." It's a stretch to consider either of these words appropriate. High School humour is still humour after all.

Fyzzu3674d ago

Interesting that they're going for the middle ground. Not surprising, though. Army of Two wasn't funny, it was just ridiculous.

Leord3674d ago

So, humour killed the game? :)

Automat3674d ago

the video they released for the new game was supposed to be funny ??? that video alone made me decide NOT to get this game. EVER!

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