NowGamer Flashforward: Call Of Duty: World At War 2

NowGamer: Its existance is as inevitable as death and taxes, its development will no doubt already be a year in and even despite no firm announcement, here's our - highly speculative - preview.

We'll admit that when Call Of Duty: World At War was first announced in the wake of the runaway success of the COD series' first venture into present day warfare, we did point and laugh a bit. "Bet you wish you hadn't already started that, don't you?" we scoffed, "World War II is now officially over. No one cares now they've tasted modern warfare. You're going to look a bit stupid."


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ape0073678d ago

they ruin the cod series,IW is SO mad at them,I can feel them,a cod game every year is a stupid thing,it makes the series sound like mario party or smackdown or madden

activision,cod is for IW only,let treyarch do a spiderman game

dangert123678d ago

Mw was not a better game then WAW
don't care what settings there were or weapons
modern or ww2 Trearch have done more for gamers then IW
I support treyarch for the work on the wii (y)
plus the fact that WAW is a better game
But I am done with activion... :) o hello EA
Battle march 2010 really sounds like fun 2 me

ape0073678d ago

WAW was a good game but MW2 is miles better

Vip3r3678d ago

COD is turing in MOH.

Over milked.