The real Gran Turismo

Owen Mildenhall from AutoExpress Writes:

"The man behind the legendary game joins us at the Nürburgring to see if he can cut it as a bona-fide racer!

Faithfully recreated on the best-selling Sony PlayStation game Gran Turismo 4, the 'Ring has come to life in more than 50million homes across the globe. But how does it compare to the real thing? To find out, I'm taking part in a four-hour endurance race around the Nordschielfe with a very special driver: Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator and producer of the Gran Turismo game. Famed for his attention to detail and the recreation of a 'real car' feel in his virtual vehicles, Yamauchi has only competed in a handful of races before, so tackling the most challenging track in the world is a massive task."

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Saaking4833d ago

You'll never see Dan Greenawalt doing this. That's just another reason why GT is hailed as THE greatest driving sim around.

Chris Hansen4833d ago

Dan Greenawalt is still trying to pass the test for his driver's license

vhero4833d ago (Edited 4833d ago )

Agree Dan Greenwalt needs to learn from these guys

MAR-TYR-DOM4833d ago

can you someone help me find this on ebay or something? i want that helmet

Maddens Raiders4833d ago

“The only time I get in this trance-like state is when I am racing a real car. I want to understand what makes me feel like that, and ultimately feed it back into Gran Turismo 5.”

I think I shed a tear.

alphakennybody4832d ago

I'd wear it every time I play GT5 or any other racing games for that matter HELL!! I'll wear every time I drive in the real world that is even if it's only to the mail box in my front yard.

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The Wood4833d ago

GT is the definitive driving/racing simulator

wheres your 'definitive' custom cars T10.

Some may ask why I even had to mentioned the other game/its producers.. well i was stooping to their level and since all their pr hype bs they've said jack sh!t...they were doing it just to sell copies which isnt bad in itself it just indicates that they knew their own game wasnt on GT's level where it could speak for itself...Meanwhile the PD team focus on making gt5 the best game it can be without the bs mudslinging

alphakennybody4832d ago

A car designed for GT only How more respect can you get!! Yamauchi we are not worthy! we are not worthy !.

Ps_alm3k4833d ago


You sly dog you...Yamauchi...

beardpapa4833d ago

Isn't this... old? I remember reading something about him in a four hour race, some tidbits of a Lexus IS-F, and even pictures of him holding a trophy of some sort. Or was that completely something else and I've been smoking too much of the good stuff?

PirateThom4833d ago (Edited 4833d ago )

Yeah, he won a trophy a little while ago in an IS-F at Nurburgring and set the teams fastest time to win the class.


This was a different event though.

EvilBlackCat4833d ago (Edited 4833d ago )

and they keep believing that sh!t eeeh!

Its just simply stupid and your brain have to be full of this none sense bullsh!tholic trance to say that.

How is that i meet more Automotive technicians in Forza games than GTP?

How is that i always hear them commenting in both sides that Forza is better?

Need for Speed SUCK! but some ignorants around here say that the game rocks! of course Forza haters say is better than Forza 3.
And here come this kids commenting what have been programmed in their brain by Sony+Pholyphony D all this years.

Its so difficult to believe that a GT fan is a real Racing simulator Fan.

anti-gamer4833d ago

poor forza fangirl he try harder on every gt news to kid hes self that folza is better

TheMainVr44833d ago

Difficult to believe that the people are fans of the creators Of Sim racing?

PD has been doing this longer then anyone, and their deeply Involved in many aspects of real world racing. they sponsor, develop, and have partnerships that no other game will ever match. IMO this give them an advantage

GT is the definitive driving/racing simulator ? people are only saying that becuase thats was Big Dan is calling Forza, all my Sim Friends have enjoy'd Forza but say its still to arcadie.

Its pretty obvious that either ur playing forza or GT the people in game will say that games better.

PD sold me along time ago and their high standards keep them on top.Forza may be good but GT will always be my cup of tee becuase of the style and class Kaz has brought with every and anything he touches.

all forza can say is they have an Internet Fanboy leading their team.

this is way to long haha

PirateThom4833d ago

When Turn 10 can match what Polyphony Digital do, give me a call.

solsub4833d ago

"How is that i meet more Automotive technicians in Forza games than GTP?

How is that i always hear them commenting in both sides that Forza is better?"

lol you're delusional.

Perkel4832d ago

as always tryin to defend forza...

gt is better stop being idiot

rockleex4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

Are those the same "technicians" that like to draw on their cars?

Very definitive.

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