Lunchtime Discussion: What Happened to Arcade Football Games?

TheSixthAxis: 'It's been a long time since I've played a football game that I really liked. In fact, the last time that happened, it was a PS2 game. Granted I was playing that PS2 game through my at-the-time backwards compatible PS3, but it was still a PS2 game.

That game was called Red Card, and the majority of you have probably never heard of it. As far as arcade-y football games go, you did not get any more arcade-y than Red Card. It combined sound football mechanics with boost bars that, when used, allowed you to run at twice the normal speed or, awesomely, take super-hard shots in Matrix-style circling cameras and slo-mo. The ball left a trail of fire in the air behind it. A few times the ball hit the goalie who was then rocketed backwards into the goal with the ball, making for at least 5 minutes of game-paused laughter the first time it happened. Oh, and you could play as and against a team of dolphins.'

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