The Godfather gets September release on 360 and PSP

The Xbox 360 version will feature improved combat and graphics, and a new mob wars mode will be included in the PSP game.

EA has announced details of the remainder of its 2006 game line-up. One game on the list is The Godfather, which has been confirmed for release in September on Xbox 360 and PSP. Already released on PS2, Xbox and PC, the two new versions both feature enhancements hoping to entice gamers.


this game is going to be excellent

graphics, storyline, gameplay

its all here

Marriot VP6169d ago

i can't believe how long it took them to get this game out. They showed it at E3 2005.

PS3sux360inchWiiWii6169d ago

The people were flat out stupid and let you beat the tar out of them for their property/info. They stood there and took it. The neighborhood was in severe need of multiple different looking buildings, cause you'd get confused of where the hell to go! etc..

My tons of complaints about this game can't even be listed. I thought it was crap. Also with EA making it, I'd just guess this is a updated ONLY in the graphics department port of that crappy PS2/Xbox game like they are oh so known for doing!

I won't be buying into EA's garbage!

omansteveo6169d ago

That dude votes lame on everything 360 related

PS360PCROCKS6168d ago

I was actually wondering the same thing, they put this in the magazines when it was launching, i thought this game was cancelled. I want it but only if it gets good reviews