Modern Warfare 2 Patch 1.03 is live

ConnectedConsoles: Robert Bowling (we all know him by now right?) has announced a new patch is now live which will fix party invite problems that have been happening since the game launched on Tuesday.

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ape0073679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

shame about epic in gears 2

I played mw2 nonstop last night and oh my god how amazing is that game

we are now at the beginning of the PRIME of this generation,uncharted 2,mw2,ac2,forza 3,odst,boarder lands,dragon age,conviction,new super mario bros wii,god of war3,mass effect 2,zelda wii,gt5,halo reach,heavy rain,last gardian,bayonetta,rage,gta5,ba ttl efield 2,bioshock2,archam asylam

this generation is awesome ladies and gentlemen

PS3 vs XBOX 360

SONY vs MICROSOFT.........the great war continues

gamers are winning

fozzyhull3678d ago

my party invite is not working with 1.3 update and nat open??????

belal3679d ago

this update do not fix party!!!!!!!!!!

Doctor Phil3678d ago


NAT is (N)etwork (A)dress (T)ranslation.

ReconHope3678d ago

I was just wondering if his nat type was open or moderate/strict


just been in a party and played spec ops to
with no issue
it didnt last night but they have done the servers today that was the big issue

ballsofsteel3679d ago

i really wish they would go back to the way COD4's invites worked. Using the PSN messaging system and XMB is way to slow and tedious

Venatus-Deus3678d ago

I like it because you don't even need to be in the game. Just go to your messages, join and boom your in the party. Is it really much slower? I couldn't tell.


if you go to there name if they are in a open game slots open
it says join no need to send email

peeps3678d ago

altho cod4's was nice and simple this is better and has more of a 'community' feel to it.

also means if u get lots of invites from different ppl u can view em all rather than having them stack on ur screen.

plus it got really annoying when i'd go to change class in the middle of a game and have to cancel an invite cus it was taking up the whole screen. also we can now finally join other ppls rooms! which was a big annoyance with cod4 where u spent a lot of the time waiting for invites and not being sure what ur mates were actually doing , or if they were even in a game

dafonz3678d ago

I just think that if everybody is trying to invite you to a group your inbox gets fairly crowded, rather annoying really.

peeps3678d ago

yeh i do know what you mean lol used to get so so cluttered when i played vegas 2. tbh it's not too much of a problem for me since i dont send or recieve many messages via psn so just clear up my inbox every so often

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tdrules3678d ago

does not fix the issue
nat type is open
way to fail


nat should be open and it works fine have you been on to see

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The story is too old to be commented.