Japanese sales charts

Here are this weeks hardware sales in the land of the rising sun

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jwatt4572d ago

Ps3 and 360 are doing better but the wii is killing them right now.

warch1ld4572d ago

I guess you could argue they are doing better. I'm interested in seeing how the sales change once some anticipated games start flowing out.

sonarus4572d ago

Besides the lack of games out for the PS3 i was suprised to see a sales increase. I do expect a slight increase for the 360 version since forza was just released.

DrWan4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

Does anyone have game list for japan though, some games may have been released in Japan that we may not be aware of.

Did some digging on wikipedia.

NBA Homecourt was released May 24 for Japan, and June 7, June 14, they will see the release of Folkslore and Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

If folkslore scores well it can be a potential seller if they do their commericals on prime anime time i think.

hm they also listed bladestorm as a March release i thought the game was still in dev.

snoop_dizzle4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

this is pretty recent

i believe thats what your asking for

DrWan4571d ago

Hmm i dont know, i guess the sales has nothing to do with software nothign on teh list was PS3. weird. new firmware update?? they want to play on 1080??

what else can it be?? whatevers haha.

masterg4571d ago

Personally Im impressed with PS3 worldwide sales.
The fact that it has sold almost the exact amount that the 360 had at this time it crazy when you think about the fact that it costs 1½ of the 360 and has half the games.

Cant wait to see what happens in the fall when the games arive and maybe a price cut.

predator4571d ago

360 was hard to get hold of for a while, ps3 isnt

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