Xbox LIVE 12-18 months ahead of PSN

Xbox LIVE is currently 12 to 18 months ahead of its main rival PlayStation Network when it comes to offering content beyond traditional games, says Martin Olausson, Director of Digital Media Research at Strategy Analytics.

"Xbox 360 continues to pull ahead of the competition when it comes to delivering on a complete home entertainment experience and we think that Xbox LIVE currently is about 12 to 18 months ahead of its main rival PlayStation Network when it comes to offering service and content beyond traditional games," said Olausson.

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nolifeking3685d ago

So 12-18 month is the equivalent to facebook(on PS3) and twitter(on PS3)? Plus something without a release date and streaming movies, wow, I'm blown away.

leeger3685d ago

Xbox live started in 2002
PSN started in 2006
So that is a 4 year gap,
so i guess the PSN being 12-18months behind XBL is a good thing because it simply means that it is improving faster than XBL.

vhero3685d ago

Wow Leeger that was a very intelligent and thought out thing to say impressive here's a bubble. It just shows how MS have not only put a sock in their mouths but proved their fee isn't worth it.

Automat3685d ago

so psn will have a 12-18 months advantage in 2011 ? nice :)

Saaking3685d ago

I don't think so. More like 1 month.

Shadow Flare3685d ago

PSN is ahead of Xbox Live by about 2-3 years when it comes to core online gameplay

256 player, 60 player, 32 player online games all with dedicated servers compared to 8v8 p2p networking. And Live is supposed to be 'ahead'. It has a bell and a whistle more then psn but is behind psn in terms of raw online gameplay

4Sh0w3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

lol, thats ridiculous, It doesn't take nearly as long to implement features that are already available on a rival platform, bringing great idea's to your platform before the competition would definitely be considered "improving faster", bringing more of the same after your competition isn't too hard, its just software app afterall.

nirwanda3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

PD zero supported 32 players online at launch and FF11 supports much more the 256, and sony also released its network adaptor for the PS2 in 2002 so on a timescale xbox live is only months older

ha ha 3 disagrees for stating facts

Strikepackage Bravo3685d ago

Good point, but quite frankly if XBL launched a full 4 years before the PSN, then PSN should have been years ahead of XBL at launch. Sony had years to see what XBL had to offer and try to top it, instead PSN launched as an absolute joke, and is only now becoming slightly less of a joke next to XBL, and even that is only because Sony is simply copying everything XBL already has.

Ultimatly PSN will end up being a slightly less functional and less user friendly clone of XBL.

Anon19743685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

That made me laugh. Do these people not bother to do their research? When it comes to adding motion control, the PS3 is the one ahead. The fact that they included Natal on this list just tells me they don't have a clue what they're talking about. And Facebook and Twitter? Please. The PS3 has had those since day one, via their browser.

The 360 doesn't have a browser, a news service, a social space. The industry really needs to get some people who know what they're talking about.

AliTheBrit193685d ago


Even before the recent updates which improved it yet again

Xbox Live was vastly superior to PSN

The online actually works, no lag or connection errors
MUCH bigger and much better community on Live
Great set of features like the Party Chat

Syronicus3685d ago

They have to say stuff like this. It ensures they get that quarterly bonus.

PSN is free and it allows me to play games online with my friends. That is all the value I need and want so Live is completely behind the 8 ball and should be free if they truly want to be considered in competition with Sony.

Darkeyes3685d ago

So from 'Light years ahead', they come down to only 12-18 months ahead eh??? Making progress PSN Keep it up...

Frankly, all you 360 gamers can have your bells and whistles. All I really care about is gaming online and PSN suffices my needs and Sony also provides dedicated servers.. The only thing currently missing on PSN is.... eh X game chat (coming), Netflix (coming), Social networking (coming)... So hardly much left to brag about eh? For a FREE service, it's damn awesome that it provides so many features.

After it gets all the above features, we will hear the usual slogans from the 360 camps, we have more players online... Ya you can keep the millions of 10 year old mfukers as I am happy as long as I get into a game as soon as I pop in. Does it really make a difference that 25K play UC2 whereas 2 million play Halo 3 at a time???? Cause it's not as if you play with those 2 million at a single time lol.

So ya, XBL is superior, but we get everything you get for FREE with less decoration.. fine for me...

ActionBastard3685d ago

The PS2 may have had a network adapter, but it had no network to tie players together. That was all 3rd party stuff outside some great Socom servers. Point is, XBL was born in 2002. PSN was born in 2006.

3685d ago
Christopher3685d ago

I see nothing from his comments that warrants any advantage when it comes to non-game related advantages on the 360.

1080i - that's right, not p - streaming is already possible if you have the bandwidth by downloading and watching HD movies. Guess what, people don't have that so they're going with a variable rate streaming, which will rarely get to 720i for most people, let alone 1080i. The people who can get there won't see any gain from the normal download of HD movies that can be played while downloaded.

Natal is gaming. With the popularity of the Wii, motion gaming is no longer considered non-traditional.

Social media features on a console that focuses on having you do things to relieve your boredom while talking in real-time with your friends via head sets? Yeah, talk about a step backwards there.

Sorry, I'm just not seeing it. Now, if you were to say something about this in regards to online gaming, such as cross-game chat, I'd kind of see it. But, honestly, this is a BS article with comments from someone who has absolutely no clue what he's talking about and is just pulling the line for big ole Microsoft in the good ole U.S. of A.

Sarcasm3685d ago

You guys didn't read between the lines? Since the 360 launched 12 months before the PS3 in the U.S. and 18 months ahead in EU, of course XBL on the 360 is 12-18months ahead of PSN, Literally.


nirwanda3685d ago

xbox live did the same as the network adaptor with the xbox 1 and nobody was tied in a network till the 360 came along

ico923685d ago

lol xbl is superior because of natal a controler that isnt even released

beans3685d ago

When you throw in community gaming and simple features like xmb, instant 1080p and a fraking headset the 360 is more like 3 years ahead. PSN is nothing more than a patch job trying to mimic the best. Maybe next gen PSN will catch on and up.

ico923685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

you do know the 360 is incapable of true 1080p check this video out

Mr Logic3685d ago

Without going into all the details. IMO IF it is 12-18 months ahead, I think that's pretty embarrassing since it launched 5 years earlier.

bjornbear3685d ago

Wow! Thats interesting, this guy basically proved a point right there =)

Chubear3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

cause of X-game chat (which most PS3 gamers dont' really find much use for) and an integrated party system (which is on PSN too but it's compartmentalized instead of integrated), it's better than PSN even though PSN has these features but done differently and offers other features that Live doesn't have.

Let's remember that these features were not there on the Xbox but people still payed for Live. MS are good at what they do. They are indeed. It's crazy if you can't see clearly that, as a gamer, PSN is already miles ahead of Live.

Do Live gamers know what Proxy chat is or can they do more than 9v9 on dedicated servers? Can they browse the internet or create themes for their 360 for free or have access to dynamic themes? Do they have a dedicated world news feature that also helps in researching and fighting cancer? Do they have options for gaming E-magazines or a dedicated 3D hub forum for ALL PS3 gamers to meet up and connect?

But we'll ignore all these great things PSN has as features and only grind on X-game chat and integrated party system as the definitive features that make Live better. Some even mention having their friends on Live as a feature they don't have on PSN and I just shake my head.

Pound for pound, PSN is beyond XBL and it's free. You keep believing 2 social networking features are what make Live "superior" and paying MS for it while my dumbass be over here gaming on PSN for free.

ActionBastard3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

What? I'm confused (forgive me). The original Xbox released with a NIC because XBL was already conceived and part of its plan. XBL was on the Xbox1, integrated right into the dash once released. Sony released a separate add-on AFTER the fact and only after revising the hardware, integrated the NIC in the unit. Again, XBL 6yrs old. PSN is 3yrs old.

IdleLeeSiuLung3685d ago

there is one thing the majority agrees on, that is Xbox Live is ahead of PSN!

sikbeta3685d ago

ah... stupid bubble system, fanboys are attacking from everywhere

I'll use this bubble correctly and don't post any opinion

Eh... they have a time machine to be 12-18 months ahead of time?

XGC can let you travel in time? wow!!!

WenisWagon3685d ago

Xbox LIVE 12-18 months ahead of psn
Xbox community heads and shoulders above playstation community
Xbox 360 7 million consoles ahead of the 3rd placed playstation 3

Maddens Raiders3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

"When you throw in community gaming and simple features like xmb, instant 1080p and a fraking headset the 360 is more like 3 years ahead. PSN is nothing more than a patch job trying to mimic the best. Maybe next gen PSN will catch on and up."

[email protected] "instant 1080p" fyi there's nothing "instant" about it. it begins playing almost immediately in a much lower-quality mode, then buffers itself up to full quality as fast as your connection will allow. idk about you but i like to enjoy my movies in full 1080p glory without any ((loss)), but you have to have a blu-ray player for that...

patch jobs? ya mean like towel tricks & aren't you toying around w/ the idea of ((another)) add-on like Blu-ray this time? the more M$ tries spinning things, the more it comes back to bite them in the ass.

Eddie201013684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

By the things he mentioned as the reasons for Xbox live having a lead, I would have to say they are far from being experts.

Natal is not available yet and there is a good possibility that Sony's motion controllers will be available before Natal.

Facebook and twitter can be done on the PS3 browser(the browser that could be consider as much as an advantage as the Facebook and twitter intergration) and Facebook looks like its going to be implemented into the XMB very soon, and even so do they think those are really selling points.

1080p streaming on Xbox Live that doesn't come close to real 1080p Blu-Ray playback that the PS3 has, and even so there is a fairly high minimum bandwith requirement for 1080p streaming.

None of the things mentions seem like real advantages to me. Sounds more like a poorly thought sales pitch to me.

When you consider that the PS3 has Wi-Fi built in, Free multi-Player through PSN, built in browser, and larger catalog of movies to rent than Xbox live. Also ad in Playstion Home, which is free and becoming more popular each day. Then Top that off with it being a Blu-Ray and DVD player, and Larger library of first party exclusive games along with all the great third party games, which console really has the advantage(PS3).

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cpuchess3685d ago

All that other crap and they don't put an internet browser on the 360. Why isn't Microsoft just installing IE on it?

leeger3685d ago

because IE sucks so much, even MS fanboys hate it.

The Wood3685d ago

will no longer be an added bonus for gold members. MS doesnt want that. They want people to believe that gold members are getting REAL additional features. Funniest thing is though is how SOME 360 die hards claim they dont need or want a browser yet they love a facebook and twitter......with a browser these things are just what they are to the rest of the world outside the xbl bubble....a free social networking service without restriction

ifhd3685d ago

why not make it foe gold members only or sell it for 5$

Baka-akaB3685d ago

this has nothing to do with IE being hated . We all know they could at least easily build a light based console browser interface .

It's more obvious they dont want to lose control when they add extra to their gold accounts that could be found online for free or cheaper .

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Sonyslave33685d ago

Hey at least psn is free lol play behind droids.

zenosaga043685d ago

How long before all of your bubbles are gone?

3685d ago
taylork373685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Maybe you and Sony need to think outside the box...dipsh*t. Sony has been looking at the superior service that is Live for how many years, and the current quality of the PSN is all they have been able to accomplish??

Its funny how good Live was 1 year after it was created completely from scratch, but its been almost 3 years and PSN isn't worth jack. Its even funnier to think that PSN has had Live to copy for that whole time period (which they have).

As you can tell from the last few updates, PSN is all about adding the same features that Live already has. That's not really thinking outside the box is it?

4point7BillionLoss3685d ago

PSN sucks.

it's free, but so what if it's crap ...

Play behind droids ....

3685d ago
tehReaper3684d ago

Just yellow lights, right MAiKU?

3684d ago
tehReaper3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I had it three months ago, if you must know. I just payed Sony to fix it. I didn't complain, I didn't gripe, I just paid it. It happens and please don't say that I didn't have it, because I did. I don't have to explain myself to a fanboy.

Oh, and here comes the 54% failure rate number again. Are you just going to ignore the fact that the Jasper has pretty much eliminated the RROD problem? I should remind you that the number in question came from a poll(no real way of knowing whether or not the data was truthful). That same poll stated the PS3 had a 10% failure rate. Are you going to ignore the 10% JUST because it's 44% lower than the supposed 54% of the Xbox? With your logic, failure is okay if it fails only some of the time.

Just for fun, another article came out AFTER the magazine poll. This stated that the Jasper chip's failure rate was below 2% while the same number came back for the PS3, 10%. Imagine that, it actually had real data, not the word of some group of unknown gamers that could be lying. I'm not saying it was 100% fact, but it's better than polling a specific group of people with the only criteria being whether or not they're subscribed to a magazine.

Funny you mention facts, which you completely lack. Cracks me up.

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Sonyslave33685d ago

Natal baby i can't wait to scroll the dashboard with my hands.

Natal is the future Believe :)

Cyrax_873685d ago


Why simply push our thumbs down a few millimeters to scroll the dashboard when we can wave our whole hand!?

Very innovative indeed >_>

Foliage3685d ago

Whatever prevents people from having to use that god awful 360 controller.

taylork373685d ago


I'm sure you have used them both enough to make an unbiased decision...

They are both nice controllers and to think otherwise is just fanboyism.

ultimolu3685d ago

You're kidding me, right?

commodore643685d ago

No Ulti, I think they are telling the truth.

Tell me why you think this is not true?

mastiffchild3685d ago

Becsause there are fewer dedicated servers on Live and the only thing PSN users haven't got(as they had Tritter/facebook from PS3 launch, no?)is x game party chat-whic I personally don't like anyway. Honestly I don't see what other features there are to say it's ahead in any meaningful way of a free service that, for me as a gamer really works just as well in most cases and better in some others.

I wouldn't put PSN ahead in terms of features for everyone(do for myself which is why I finally stopped my Live sub this past week)but there's no way on eart things like the Twitter integration make iot any better than PSN or justify giving it some arbitrary 12-18 month "lead"-it's ridiculous.

What has paid off for MS is them not insisting on many deicated servers even from first party devs games-it means the 360 massive don't expect it or demand it and allows them to cut corners in their own online games and also makes the daft situayion of MW2, the biggest online ghame of the year arriving with poor numbers allowed in a game becase of creaky old P2P. We should ALL have demanded them from IW-it's a joke they aren't there really. I do think the lack of enough on Live, though, makes it easier for them to get away with this backwards thinking step. It's been one of the things that puzzled me about games like Gears2 which would have sorted out many of it's online woes in one go. Honestly, can't we all start demanding dedicated servers for bigger(and bigger budget) online games? Don't we want things to get better?

Anyway, imo, not a great deal between the services and definitely bot the admission price to Live which is incredibly steep when PSN exists and I fail to see how people can justify them still charging for it, tbh, as it's one big rip off. And they make you have a bloody acatar. I don't want a gimpy little avatar! I'm a grown man. I have kids, why would I want a little(camp looking-they ALL are) little fella to dress up? Where was the "I don't ever wish to see one of these again" xchoice MS? It's unamerican.

bjornbear3685d ago

If rumors are correct =) diference, except for the LITERAL 12-18 month head start, but unless Sony builds a time machine, I doub't that can change

ultimolu3685d ago

There's nothing on XBL that literally blows me away and wish it was on the PS3. This article is just starting a flamebait war and is desperately trying to convince people how XBL is sooo great.

PSN is free, and it works. That's what matters to me.

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