Eternal Darkness Sequel WILL Be Coming Out

It just doesn't get any better than this. After Silicon Knights, once a Nintendo second party, left the company, it looked like we'd never see a sequel to the hallucinating masterpiece, Eternal Darkness. But after word from Director Denis Dyack's Too Human blog, it looks like there will be a follow-up after all, it's just pinning him down as to when it will come out that's the problem.

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BlackIceJoe4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

I liked Eternal Darkness even though there was a few problems. I will say that one of the reasons was that many people that owned a Gamecube did not want to play these games. Yes Resident Evil sold well and I am not knocking it at that and saying it was not. Just that Capcom was more known and Resident Evil is big in Japan. I can't recall the name it is called over there.

So back on topic Silicon Knights was more new to people so some were not ready for there game. Even Too Human was not the great Graphicly but after the bad time at E3 Too Human looks like it is now coming along great. So to me at least not being known really well hurt the game and being on the Cube.

DarkestHour004745d ago

Great news!!! I can't wait!

Legionaire20054745d ago

Maybe it's just another rumour. It would be great if it came out for the Wii.

ITR4745d ago

It won't unless SK and Nintendo make up.
Then Nintendo would have to license the game useage for other consoles and license it's patents on the game as well.

Eclipticus4745d ago

this is one of three games i kept from gamecube. skies of arcadia and metroid. i cant wait, dont care what console.

SKUD4745d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.