BioWare Confirms DLC Support for Mass Effect 2

GOONL!NE: Project director for Mass Effect 2 Casey Hudson has revealed there will be DLC support for the game.

The first Mass Effect only received two DLC packs since it's release in 2007, Bring Down the Sky in 2008 and Pinnacle Station only this year. But it seems ME2 will be supported much better this time in terms of DLC.

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wxer3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

(Mass Effect + All the DLC's) + (Mass Effect 2 + All the DLC's)

in one blu-ray disk for the PS3 only in 60$
ummm lets say
in late 2010
im cool with that

BETA test the game for us BOTS

The real killer3675d ago

All i can say, I HATE DLC.

Dragon age has also stupid DLC, if they fix the combat problem than i'm more happy.

Syronicus3675d ago

You think you are getting a new quest until it asks you if you want to purchase it. What a joke. I hope they don't do that for ME2.

Nihilism3675d ago

I agree, i don't know why people think DLC is a good thing, if DLC legitimately was extra content, then maybe it would be worth it, but we all know it is always a few useless weapons and levels/maps that were held back from the original release.

The fact that they incorporated a 'buy dlc' conversation choice with an npc in dragon age really pissed me off.

Why Dat3675d ago

I hope this DLC is also available for PC... please don't neglect the PC community Bioware!

chak_3675d ago

I'd rather have 30€ real extension rather than 3 10€ crappy DLC.

make your damn work the old way :o

The Wood3675d ago

they'll be releasing dlc for dlc... Its kinda becoming a joke especially if you have to pay. Dont get me wrong, some dlc is good but some like 'horse armour', guns and content that could of been included in the original release is a thorn in our sides. Some WILL take full advantage of us by using dlc to scam more money out of us.

pippoppow3675d ago

Years ago an expansion pack would be released 6 months to a year from the original titles release date. Now it is obvious content is being left out to be sold soon after the original title is released. 1-3 months later for extra content? Why not hold off the release date then to add this content before release? Too obvious. GTA4 DLC is justifiable while others like Capcom DLC's should be shunned. It is unfortunate that most companies thrive on consumer ignorance. Consumers really need to be more informed before a purchasing any product. Even gamers.

side note---Venger. Loved those D$D cartoons. Have the DVD collction. Ah, nostalgia.