Video Thirst: Halo Legends: Watch first episode in full now

Hurry guys, this might not last too long. The first full episode of Halo Legends titled The Babysitter.

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Sonyslave33683d ago

Damn this sh1t is awesome omg the spartan in this episode was a female. I didn't knew spartans are that fast and have super strength?

SixZeroFour3683d ago

read the definitely creates better imagery of teh spartans than what was portrayed in the game

kapedkrusader3683d ago

...what's the point of having the extra ODST there if not to watch the Spartan's back while taking the shot? Also, the cinematography for the moment "The Shot" was taken was pretty weak. It looked easy. They should've made the shot look like the guy was compensating for wind and adjusting the shot higher, so it would drop over the 2 mile distance. It seemed like anybody with an eye and a finger could've taken that shot. I still enjoyed the episode, I'm just one of those guys that wonders where Superman hides his boots when he's Clark Kent.

SixZeroFour3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

lol...of course there will be inconsistencies (like the forerunner archetecture looking real close to feudal japan era or something), along with most other "expanded upon" stories...i dont think bungie wrote the story for the anime, but they did try to place it on the halo timeline (on halo waypoint)

i took an animation course, and that just ruined me somewhat...when i was watching, i just couldnt get off focusing on the mouth curves, i think there were only 3 different curves, open, half open and closed :S lol, but given the amount of time they had to create it, i thought it was very well put together

LOLPSN3681d ago

Damn This is EPIC

The community will love it

after all 360 Community Head and Shoulders Above PS3

OlvaR3681d ago

no one said that the arch was forerunner in this episode...they just said it wasn't human or covenant....

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