Rumor: Demon's Souls sales data for October

Despite very little advertising, Demon's Souls managed to sell quite well in the United States during the month of October.

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blitz06233679d ago

is not bad at all for this type of game. I honestly did not expect a lot of people to like it given its difficulty and little advertisements. But the moment the game came out and received good reviews, I knew it had potential. Hopefully it brings more games of this innovation. I'm getting tired of those noob-friendly games.

saint_john_paul_ii3679d ago

for a game that had 3-5 copies in a store to sell out in minutes, thats pretty good.

Baliw3679d ago

Three of those are mine.

saint_john_paul_ii3679d ago

Next time they better market better if they want this game on Hardcore Game's Hands. its one of the most unique games i played thus far this gen similar to oblivion, but with a big twist.

nycredude3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

WTF is wrong with people. Go buy this great game!!!! Only 100,000 in three weeks and COD6 get almost 5 million in 2 days!! Dude you'll get more time in this game than all of COd6, including mp!


Sorry for the outburst.


Play it first then come back and talk.
Go to teh leaderboards and you will see tons of people who have more than 250 hours in this game. You will have to beat it at least three times just to get platinum. It also 1000 times more interested than COD6. I beat COd6 twice in under 11 hours, which is 2 hours less than it took me to beat Uncharted 2 once. MP is good but not as fun as Uncharted mp, the same as COD4. Also I spent too much time looking for people to kill cause there is only like 12 people or something in mp. Lame.

Also 2 years playing cod 4 and now two year with cod6? I think you need to buy more games.

Hill_billy3679d ago


Yeah right, you're joking right? Sure this game is good but not that good. Two years running with COD4 and plan to spend two years in MW2... Can't see anybody playing Demon's Souls for two years straight.

Saaking3679d ago

The game is really long and really interesting. PS3 owners should give it a chance, especially if they're into RPGs.

sikbeta3679d ago

This game can't be more addictive and HARD XD

Baka-akaB3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )


Actually you couldnt be more wrong lol ...
Quite a few of us have been playing since it's asian release in february and it's far from coming to a stop .

Even if its multiplayer is unconventional , that kind of multiplayer dungeon crawler die really hard . Cod got nothing on Diablo 2's replay value .

Especially when many cod players might actually get bored enough to jump on the next cod .

Panthers3679d ago

I cant see anyone playing COD4 for 2 years. My God that game got boring before 2 months.

raztad3679d ago


Unless you absolutely hate HAck&slash or rpgs Demons Souls is a must buy.

I'm sure Atlus is pretty pleased with DS sales BUT for a game of this quality 100+K is really sad. In this age of arcadey shooters, neither good rpgs nor platformers stand a chance among the "casual" hardcore.

Bits-N-Kibbles3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Go colts.

@ no one

Demon's souls was sold out everywhere. They did as good as they possilby could.

I got the last copy in my town and I have not been able to put it down. (when I get the chance to play)

I can't get past that damn monk.

gamingisnotacrime3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

I read some amazon reviews and the gamers were describing Demons Souls, and i saw something special about this title. I went for the Deluxe Edition because i thought this rare gem deserves to be bought in its best. Boy was i right or what! this game is a game changing experience. after dying over and over again you gain appreciation for perseverance in video gamer that rewards you greatly when you beat the task at hand.

I love this game, and i recommend it to anyone, even if they don't consider themselves hardcore gamers, is such a gem

dalibor3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

It took me 2 in a half years to beat FF12 once lol. Rpg's have the longest playing time imo. Especially if you have to backtrack. I did all the hunts in FF12 & got to level 99(all characters). I did not play it everyday though, kept switching games. Rpg's have the element of pursuading you to get/find everything in the game which results in a long play time. Hell even the older FF's would take a while to beat depending on how often you play. Now playing rpg's online would totally last me a long time. Next up for me to beat is SOTC.

BTW my favorite hunt was trickster. That chokobo was fast lol!

Montrealien3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

first thing first, congrats on a great game getting good sales to show that their is a market for this kind of game. I know we have not been able to keep our copies in stock and have been ordering some on a regular basis.

but pls oh pls can people stop saying this game is for everyone and that everyone should go and buy it? Because it is not, at all.

btw, why are some of you even bothering with the troll Hill_Billy? You do know that he wins the second you try explaining to him why his retarded comment is well....retarded.

frostypants3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Awesome, awesome game. It's strange, but I don't really place it in the same realm as an Uncharted 2 or MW2. It's a whole different's just such an innovative game-changer and there's nothing out there remotely like it. They basically invented the semi-multiplayer online game...we need a term for this. "Multi-single player"? "MSP"? Whatever it's called it's f***ing amazing.

The fact that it came from such a minor developer, and was published stateside by an even more minor publisher, just adds to the intrigue of it all.

This game needs to get some kind of special honors award. I think Uncharted 2 will get GOTY, but DS deserves some kind of recognition. The long term influence it will have will be undeniable.

And if Dragon Age gets RPG of the Year over this, that would be an absolute crime. They are very different games, and Dragon Age has a good story and great production values, but Demons Souls is BY FAR the more innovative and addictive title.

raztad3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )


This game had a big input from SCE Japan, in design and production. I read SCEJ asked FRom to develop some sort of King Fields spiritual sequel but not a straight sequel cause they wanted to change fundamentals gameplay aspects.

Knowing the record of FROM producing so-so games is impossible to understand (w/o SCEJ) how this incredible game came to fruition.

I agree that DS is on another level. The most innovative game in quite a while. While I'm looking forward to play DA (BioWare is pretty good at storytelling), game hardly can beat DS in revolutionary gameplay. Probably the "casuals" will rob DS its status as best RPG (by far) this year.

MEsoJD3679d ago

GOTY!!!! I would squeal like a schoolgirl if they announce Demons Souls 2. haha

specialguest3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Went to Best Buy on it's release date and found out that the game wasn't there. I asked one of the employees if they had Demon's souls in stock only to find out that the kid never heard of the game, and it wasn't even in their system.

I was pretty shocked. I guess this game is more of a under hyped and hidden gem of a game most people, even the retailers fail to consider. So 150K was pretty impressive.

On a side note - Quit luring me into a trap you damn tricky blue gecko!

DaTruth3678d ago

I haven't tried coop yet, but the few times I got invaded was pure cheap @ss scraping spear! Can't even fight like a man. Just scraping spear till your everything breaks! Had to start fighting with fists!

Those weapons ruined the competitive! They don't even have a purpose in the single player.

poopface13678d ago

I will probably buy it within the next few months as I hear it good and I really need a challenging game.

I was hoping to at least be able to rent it to play it some before I can afford it but BBV doesnt even have it. I hope it goes on sale somewhere and Ill pick it up for sure.

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ezcex3679d ago

That is what this game is.

TwistedMetal3679d ago

and the same mp with minor tweaks. I dont see how people like that can call themselves a gamer spending all there time on the same games with the same gameplay. i bet you spend the same amount of time on halo 3, halo odst, halo reach and cod waw. its all the same recycled stuff. hardcore gamer doesnt refer to people who play shooters all day even thought thats what x360 owners want you to believe. a hardcore gamer sayeing he only like 3 generes is not a hardcore gamer at all. I know the guy didnt say that but thats what a lot of x360 owners say.

Omega Zues3679d ago

and loved every second of it. I currenlty have +90hrs in to it.

SuperStrokey11233679d ago

I still have my sealed DE sitting on my couch at home, just havnt gotten around to playing it yet. Stupid work...