Truthbombers Review: The World's Hardest Game – AddictingGames. (iphone game)

The self proclaim and self titled game "The World's Hardest Game" is on the iPhone and Apple iPod Touch. The game involves some major quick reflexes, patience, and more patience. It isn't called the World's Hardest Game because it's easy.

The objective of the game is to control a red square through an area of deadly blue balls that are sync in movement and patten at rapid speeds. So you must dodge them and figure out the pattern to not get hit by the blue balls. If that wasn't hard enough you must also pick up a yellow ball along the way that is place sometimes in an inconvenient spot and to finish the level you must get inside the green safe zone.

Every time you collide with a blue ball, the death score starts increasing. Which is a bad thing, but when you reach 700 deaths it's not such a big deal.

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