Modern Warfare 2 is Out, Bad Company 2 is In

Pixel Enemy: Modern Warfare 2 has been in the hands of the gaming masses for a few days and already gamers are looking to get their next FPS fix. With no dedicated servers on the PC, PS3 servers crashing, and some calling the game a $60 DLC pack, it seems Infinity Ward might have dropped the ball with MW2. Fear not, because for once it looks like EA (yes, that EA) is coming to the rescue with Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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WildArmed3682d ago

really pumped for the beta. Saw the beta walkthrough and was like... fuk yeah :)

bjornbear3682d ago

BF:BC2 will come out and i'll be there =D

CANT WAIT FOR BETAAAA hope i get codes =)

jammy_703682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

its got a short but ok SP, good MP and the spec oops is great aswell, you call that DLC? its a solid 9 of a game though. but nothin now can stop U2 cumin GOTY

sikbeta3682d ago

is not entirely the game, knowing is more like MW1.5 than a real improvement, is Act/IW attitude more than anything IMO

DViOUS1ONE3682d ago

How did they drop the ball? Last time I checked it sold 4.7 million copies in ONE DAY!! Before it even came out everyone was like "oh we're not buying this and doing this" because you guys developed some hatred towards it for some reason, but in the end those haters didn't even make a so much much as a dent not even a scratch. BF BC2 looks good but it will never be as big as MW2 get over it.

Sarcasm3682d ago


Why cant people just play games anymore and leave the politics to the gaming politicians.

I'm enjoying MW2 and I'm going to enjoy BFBC2. I don't care. I'm done clicking anything MW2 related on N4G because it's nothing but a MW2 bash fest.

morganfell3682d ago

That justifies it. A ton of sales have to mean the game is great. When people go out and buy something en masse just because they liked the previous title it must be outstanding, right? It's a guarantee.

No Timmy, it doesn't work like that. IW sat on their laurels, ripped off some PC modders, and through a fresh coat of paint on COD4. And some gamers are willing to say it.

Syronicus3682d ago

We'll see...

Last time around:

- COD4 sold 14 million copies

- BF:BC sold 2 million copies

Now tell me that BF doesn't have one heck of a hill to climb to even match COD... COD just does it right and I can only hope that BF makes a better game but if it doesn't feel and play as good as COD, then it is just another failed attempt and will die off quickly like all those before it.

SixZeroFour3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

its not "out" yet...last i checked, anyone on my friends list thats online is playing mw2...i havent gotten it (yet?) so im playing bf:bc to get pumped up for bc2

i would love to have a ps3 right about now to get into the beta, but i guess ill wait till either a demo comes out or the real thing

but as for myself, im stuck with the dilemma of whether or not i should even get mw2...cause i already plan to stop playing mw2 once bc2 or the halo: reach beta comes out (which ever one comes out first), so should i even get the game, if i plan to play it for only about 3-4 months...on the other hand, i doubt any of my friends are getting bc2 the dilemma is buy mw2 and play with friends (for awhile) or skip out and wait for bc2 and play with random ppl (for awhile, cause im looking forward to reach beta alot)

yesah3682d ago

ru retarded, MW2 is not going away.

vhero3682d ago

Loved BC1 cant wait for BC2 always preffered to MW series.

I_HATE_YOU23003682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

mw2 is awesome... everything this guy said about mw2 is bs. with that said, i cant wait for bad company 2. it will prolly be better that mw2, but the first one was better than cod4, so i wouldnt expect any less. just because psn is garbage and pc users are pathetic babies doesnt make mw2 a bad game. since everyone says mw2 is $60 dlc, it looks like badcompany is doing the same thing (just like most games with sequels), so stop with that retarded bs.

madpuppy3681d ago

Bad Company is a great game as is MW1 But, I wouldn't call the Battlefield series some sort of failure, The series has been around for a long time and is quite innovative. As opposed to IW, Dice actually incorporates great advances to the FPS genre. Granted, IW has improved from MW1 to 2 but, not as greatly as DICE has.

And, frankly, sales of MW2 don't prove that the game is better.

Personally, I feel that MW2 is too dry and takes itself to seriously...for a game.

IaMs123681d ago

Im sure MW2 is a bamf of its own but i loved the 1st Bad Company it was just amazing. The storyline was funny and fun too for a Battlefield game, and the Multiplayer is alright. It could be tons better and i think they hit the nail with it on BC2.

I am freaking excited for this game, its going to be awesome. The graphics are a lot better than i expected and with all that destructible environments. Cant wait, bring it on!

Question though, does this take place after the first game? or is it a sequel that has nothing to do with the 1st. I just hope its the same characters in it lol

ThanatosDMC3681d ago

BC2 is looking great. I'm so gonna crash a chopper on a tank.... as always.

WildArmed3681d ago

yes because sales = qaulity is the new idea of a game being better then the other.

Mw2 is a great MP.. but so is BC..
If your gonna sit there be like BC < Mw2.. then ur a mw fanboy.. :)

TheDeadMetalhead3681d ago

How do I get a beta code? D:

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retrofly3682d ago

BF:BC2 dosnt look to disimilar to BF:BC. I thought the first game was really good (MP, SP was rubbish), but people seem to be tossing themselves off in a fury over the new one, but from the REAL gameplay vids it dont look too different than the first?????

Hype machine working overtime :D

cyclindk3682d ago

Yeah, so far they haven't showed jack as far as new weapons (a couple of new vehicles, but nothing amazing).

But with so much time until release, it makes sense that they aren't really showing much yet, even with the beta around the bend.

snipermk03682d ago

I hope they have a WIDE variety of weapons. One thing that is good about Call of Duty games is that they have a wide arsenal of weapons. The battlefield series as I know it has lesser, standard issue weaponry.

CrippleH3682d ago

MW2 weapons are not even close to their real life counterparts in stats or anything but looks.

frostypants3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

@2.3: Who are you arguing with? Nobody said that they are realistic. But the bottom line is MW2 (and MW1) have amazing weapons selection and customization. It would only be a good thing if BC2 did something similar. Historically Battlefield games have had pretty weak customization features and weapon choices, forcing everyone to play with cookie-cutter characters.

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iistuii3682d ago

HAHA are you sure. Its incredible especially online. It's sold more than 7 million already and by xmas it'll be even more. It's got a short but fun packed action SP and as i said MP is untouchable.It's being played online by the masses. Then theres the co-op. Yep they must have dropped the ball eh.

mattygamefreak3682d ago

Only because it sells a lot doesn't mean it's good. Nintendo sells a lot of Wii's so it must be the greatest thing ever, right?

But yes, Infinity Ward dropped the ball. They screwed their hardcore fan base where the series actually began and didn't bother to have a beta or demo that could have easily identified issues with the PS3 version before launch.

But they didn't have a demo or a beta because it would have been a bitter taste of dissapointment left in many people's mouths and the game wouldn't have sold as well.

jayblings3682d ago

Don't get me wrong, I own MW2 and I'm really enjoying it. But unfortunately it doesn't do that much different compared to the first one. However after spending some time with Battlefield 1943 and seeing the footage just from the beta build, I think BF:BC2 is shaping up to be a real contender.

Eiffel3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

"What does MW2 bring to Call of Duty that is new and worthy value of $60?"

Uhhh...ummm...uhhhh.ummm....a ...ummm....ahh...ummm..Perks?


That's why I love the Battlefield franchise. It's not rehashed ideas title after title.

COD4 really only became huge in my opinion because DICE didn't release a Battlefield that year. I'm sticking true to that, no matter what someone tells me. Past proves this.

Halo3 MLG Pro3682d ago

Well tell me what does Bad Company 2 do different than the first one?

Eiffel3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Kill Cam.You can now see who killed you while waiting for spawn.
Spawn Menu has been completely redone.
View Enemy Rankings before after the match.
Complete Destructible Environment.
The Multiplayer Maps size has been increased significantly.
You will be able to use weapons unlocked from BF1943 and BFBC in BFBC2.
The ability to change classes at a spawn point without having to die.

:) And this is leaked information too. DICE no doubt plans to announce more.

Lawl, enjoy those perks while playing COD4 Part 2. To think most people payed for the same thing from two years ago is amazing. And with restrictions too!

frostypants3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

@3.1:"They screwed their hardcore fan base where the series actually began."

Their hardcore fanbase, where the series began, screwed THEM FIRST through rampant piracy. The PC community has pissed all over IW for years by doing this. Half the people complaining about MW2 have probably never paid for a copy of CoD in their lives.

I am one of those original PC CoD players (back to the original), and I wouldn't blame IW for dropping the PC altogether. The PC community has sadly become overrun by self-entitled hypocrites.

ProperFunked3681d ago

he just said that [they dropped the ball]

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iistuii3682d ago

I'm not dissapointed, ive got it on 360, and ive not had any problems.Ive also before you start got K2 and U2 on the ps3, it's just MW2 was always gonna be better online on the 360.I don't know anyone i talk to who hasn't enjoyed it, only people on this site. Funny that.

Captain Tuttle3682d ago

Yeah, I'm having a blast with it.

SnukaTheMan3682d ago

WOLVERINES comes to mind...I love the concept of it...multiplayer is great...spec ops is hard but its a extra...people who complain just want to complain for no reason are missing out on a great game.

cyclindk3682d ago

Well, from the videos alone I can tell the controls and "handling" are the same, so that eliminates about 3 million noobs right off the bat.

Throw in vehicles and destruction, not to mention objectives, and you lose another 1 million noobs who can't handle that much going on and simply want to shoot stuff.

It's a good thing sales don't make the better game.

In my opinion, Bad Company was far superior to CoD 4 in almost every way to begin with.

iistuii3682d ago

And your opinion, but however the opinion of the millions playing COD4 online compared to Bad Co tells a different story, and that is repeated with MW2. And the yet to be released BC2 wont match those figures i gaurentee you.

Motion3682d ago

Just because more people play MW or MW2 don't make it a better game. A lot more people drive Fords than Porches. Doesn't make Ford better.

Ju3682d ago

The only thing I ever play(ed) in CoD4 is DM. But for all other objectives there are just better games out there. Simple. That's why I am on the fence. Shelf out another $60 for just another DM fix ?

Well, SpecOps might pull me in. I like co-op modes more then competitive modes. I started beating UC2's arena modes, lately - and got hooked now.

But BF was my favorite objective game. Until KZ2 came along, that is. BF2 is a fresh breeze. Can't wait for that game.