Is Sony facing an uphill struggle with Blu-ray?

Yes, it's another instalment of the HD DVD versus Blu-ray debate / war, but this time things are a little different.

Instead of a war of words between various equipment manufacturers and official associations on both sides, this is to do with lawsuits.

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PS360PCROCKS4744d ago

Dang...that sucks. Sony, Apple, Microsoft all the people come out of the woodwork to sue these companies.

BlackIceJoe4744d ago

So if this guy wants to say many things comes in three. Then Blu Ray should be fine. Seeing as this would be that forth run. I do think there have been more formats but may be I am wrong. I do think these things may be a pain for Sony but do they really hold water and if so why only Target Sony. Is because they think they would have the best chance to beat Sony or a whole other thing.

Phantom_Lee4744d ago

man, people love to sue the big companies....I wonder why...oh wait....I do know why...

hfaze4744d ago

If these lawsuits hold merit, then somebody in Sony upper management is seriously asleep at the wheel. Why didn't they check into whether the technology used was already patented? Most countries (like USA and Canada) have their patents searchable online. There is NO excuse for this.

Then again, these could just be some stupid frivolous lawsuits trying to get money out of a major player in the electronics field (kinda like SCO trying to sue Linux manufacturers over bogus patent infringements). And with the Target Technology Company suit, why are they targeting Sony only, and not ALL of the members of the Blu-Ray Disc Association? Sounds kinda fishy...

The courts will decide whether or not these claims hold water, or are just more BS.

Lord Anubis4744d ago

that's because to research for patents it costs millions of dollars. Also knowing you infringe on a patent carries a hefty penalty. No company will research if they are infringing any patents because its not in their best interest to know if they are.

Eclipticus4744d ago

yup kind of like that explanation if Fight Club. if the cost of a recall is less than the cost of settling lawsuits, they dont recall. Which ever is cheaper. And honestly. Sony, Apple, and Microsoft. dont care about temporary reputation. All they have to do is release something new and let pr dept go at it.

sevenout4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

The company that Sony allegedly stole the Blu-Ray tech from could easily try and get a judge to block sales of ALL Blu-Ray media pending trial. The company in question could state irreparable harm was done by Sony and could attempt to halt the format. Now, of course, this would be one of many ploys possible to get Sony to buck up and cough up mega bucks to avoid even the slightest possibility of an injunction against Blu-Ray media production.

Sadly, Sony is run by a bunch of hard-asses, as evidenced by the whole motion sensing debacle. They stole that technology and fought tooth and nail to avoid paying a dime. However, this is a whole different ballgame. If Sony was forced to stop production of Blu-Ray for even a short period of time (let's say a month) before a settlement could be reached, it would cost Sony the PS3 as developers certainly would jump ship. There is nothing like telling a developer, "Oh, sorry, your $20 million dollar game CAN'T ship because we are not allowed to produce Blu-Ray discs till the lawsuit against us is settled.

Once again, this is all a long shot, but still a possibility, especially if Sony wants to play hardball with Target Technology Company, assuming that TTC's patents are indeed valid.

ArmrdChaos4744d ago

but that does bring up a good point and could cause a lot of once exclusive game developers to go multi-format to stave off lack of income until Sony got things straightened out...IF something were to happen.

Eclipticus4744d ago

not only discs, but what effect would this have on movies? studios would start pushing titles on HD.

Maddens Raiders4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

I must admit I'm quite ignorant to the claims you are purporting in your post. Could you please post links for:

"They stole that technology and fought tooth and nail to avoid paying a dime..."

"The company that Sony allegedly stole the Blu-Ray tech from..."

"an injunction against Blu-Ray media production."

Seriously, if any of this is true then I am way behind the times. I am especially curious as to how SNE "stole" their Blu-Ray technology from TTC. Kinda reminds me of Al Gore claiming he "invented the internet", but that's a whole other story. =]
Anyway, I'll look for the links.

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