MyWii Review: New Super Mario Bros

MyWii Writes: New Super Mario Bros. is one of my favourite games on the Nintendo DS. It brought back my childhood of spending countless hours in front of the NES playing the original Super Mario Bros. This was during the mid-nineties, and while everyone else was flaunting their SNES, I was content with a then 10-year-old game, a game that has gone down in the history books as one of the greatest ever made. I was over the moon when New Super Mario Bros. Wii was announced at E3 this year, and even more excited when a November release was confirmed. I had a few concerns with the direction of co-op and super guide, but I can safely say that New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the perfect way to relive a classic series.

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eagle213682d ago

definitely picking this up. :)

MasterChief36243682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

I was a little worried that the game would feel recycled and old, considering its name sharing that of a DS game I played a long time ago.

But fortunately, it sounds like it is so much more than that. Definitely can't wait to pick it up now :)

sakura20093682d ago

i will probably use super guid a lot on my first play through

Smkt3682d ago

would be doubtful of a review of a Mario game from a site called 'MyWii'..

just saying.. but hey its not like Wii owners have a choice now do they? :P

sakura20093682d ago

i dont get what ur tryin to say

mint royale3682d ago

He's trying to be a sarcastic troll but he's not smart or funny enough to pull it off.

N4g_null3681d ago

Super guide is similar to watch an advance player play yet what looks easy and fun in this game still takes hardcore skill. This is one thing that seems to be lacking from gaming. Achievements will never replace skill and addictive game play.

What is sad is this game was frowned upon at e3 which shows us the sick state that gaming is in right now.

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slave2Dcontroller3682d ago

Uncharted ROX, MW2 ROX, NSMB ROX! I feel LUUUUCKY! GOW Collection and NSMB here I come :D

N4g_null3681d ago

Yeah red steel 2 ,dynamic slash , nmh2, nsmbwii, sin 2, crystal, monster hunter, metroid 2d other m, Zelda reboot, t
TvsC, more rebirth 2d games! Dragon quest! And a bunch of nintendo first party games that have not been announced... Plus ninja gaiden the original arcade game is coming to the wii.

DigitalAnalog3682d ago

It's amazing what Miyamoto could do. Mario was fricken revolutionary everytime.

I still think Sunshine is the most "hardcore" of all the 3D Mario re-iterations. Damn Miyamoto in masochistic mode.

-End statement

ICC_063682d ago

@Smkt the company is actually called MyMedia and they are a network of sites., etc.

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