News: Microsoft Chooses ATI's H.264 Decoder for

ATI Technologies today announced that Microsoft Corp. has chosen ATI's H.264 decoder for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player, bringing users sharper, more true-to-life visuals and smoother playback of high-definition content. HD DVDs encoded using one of three approved codecs deliver up to six times the resolution of traditional DVDs all on a single disc. Built on ATI's Avivo technology, the decoder used for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player brings to bear ATI's considerable multimedia know-how to ensure gamers, home theatre buffs, and casual viewers alike get a more perfect picture from the H.264 format.

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Ru6580d ago

I was going to get one of these but who knows which format will win the HDDVD wars! So im going to buy one of those ones that will play bolth. I wish microsoft would do that!

Marriot VP6580d ago

I know MS employees monitor big sites like these so I'll make it simple.

If you want to be the laughing stock of consoles don't price this add on more than 150. Considering you'll drop your 360 price down at least 50 bucks it would in the end match 500 PS3 for a premium and hd-dvd drive.

If your at all serious about winning the next gen format you have to sacrifice money to gain market share.

Islandkiwi6580d ago

This is precisely why MS didn't put one in the console. I'm not buying a next-gen dvd player until one of them dies or they agree to a hybrid.

Yes, it will be a lot cheaper than a standalone player...but if it doesn't get the support then it's money you might as well flush.

SDS Overfiend6580d ago

149$ is my story and im sticking to it.
by then 50$ should be dropped off of 360's original price so that adding this accessory is a luxury.

Marriot VP6580d ago

that's exactly what I said...

Nodoze6580d ago

Does this mean that he HD-DVD add on will recognize content on a standard dvd encoded with h.264? If so this would be mega cool!