PS3Vault: Earforce P21 Review

PS3Vault writes: "The Earforce P21 from Turtle Beach (MSRP $79.95) solves one of the chief problems with microphones on the PS3. Now, we all know "that guy". The guy whose mic is turned on and during an otherwise awesome session of Call of Duty or Killzone, you have to listen to the game the way he hears it. That's because his mic is picking up his speakers so when he hears "UAV Online!" in a faintly amusing British accent, you hear it too. Don't even get me started about the times when junior is told to turn off the game for dinner or when some guy with about as much rhythm as a block of cheese tries to start rapping during a game. But alas, I digress; no headset (except the magical kind), can solve that problem."

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