Nintendo Power review scores

The latest NP review scores include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition, NSMB Wii, the first Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles/Silent Hill reviews, and more.

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Valay3683d ago

Keep in mind that there may be additional review scores!

I'm only really surprised about Silent Hill since NP apparently said it's not scary.

hatchimatchi3682d ago

i don't usually trust nintendo power reviews but it's nice to see that they gave silent hill an 8. I'll wait for what other sites say.

Darkside Chronicles and NSMB:Wii are definite purchases for me.

EvilTwin3682d ago

Silent Hill getting an 8 is encouraging. All of the vids and screen caps I've seen have looked promising.

COP getting a 4? Ouch.

After playing 3 hours of COD:MWR last night, I think they're about right with their rating. 9 might be a bit high, but it's impressive on Wii.

MonopolyRSV3682d ago

Darkside Chronicles only an 8? That's a downer.