GameAlmighty gives Shadowrun 8.0

GameAlmighty writes:

"Shadowrun is truly something different and I believe the experiment is a success. If you need further clarification on what type of game it is, then all I can say is that it's like someone mixed together Counter-Strike, Heretic, Hexen and Quake in to a single package. It may be too different for its own good, defying conventional description, and it would definitely benefit from a good demo. I hope it proves successful, I really do. We need some shooters that bring us a different experience."

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Eclipticus4280d ago

shooters that bring different experience? I'll wait for Bioshock. and the new Riddick... though not exactly a shooter. Still the fact is, there is no story, no single player game. Am I the only one not on the online/fps bandwagon...?

Dr Pepper4280d ago

I always look for an awesome single player experience before even caring for the multiplayer aspect (I'm not to big on the online aspect of gaming as of now).

Havince4279d ago

as im not sure if i should get it or not

reaperxciv4279d ago

a popular gaming website gave it a 6er

God of Gaming4279d ago

I so far am LOVING Shadowrun... its such a new twist on FPS. Its complicated but once you get it you will be hooked.

THAMMER14279d ago

If I like it I will keep it. Got to love GAME FLY.