What happens when you jam a USB gizmo in your PS3?

After all that hacking and messing, and installing geeky Operating Systems on your hard drive, why not relax and see what happens when you jam a USB gizmo into your PS3...

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Maddens Raiders4744d ago

"What better way to de-stress from a torturous Super Rub a Dub level than with your very own back massager - it's great for a sore neck"

Hilarious! Good to see even more uses for Chadwaarden's favorite console. Cool read News Bot. =]

gta_cb4743d ago

yeh was pretty funny (there choice of words)

Bathyj4744d ago

All I want is codecs, so when I plug a USB key with the latest Lost or Hereos it will play the avi.

PS360PCROCKS4744d ago

That's a very odd title, made me laugh...

peksi4744d ago

I was wondering where my most precious belongings have gone...

solidt124744d ago

Some people have to much time on there hands. Who would put a usb hamster wheel on there PS3?

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The story is too old to be commented.