8.0 League of Legends Review "On the surface, League of Legends probably looks like it's lacking in depth. It doesn't have any real single player experience, and there's essentially no story. However, once players start to play the game, they will find themselves getting drawn in more and more. Matches are actually quite long, but it doesn't matter because the gameplay is so finely tuned; time literally just disappears because it's so enjoyable - win or lose. The presentation is a down-side, but with more content hopefully coming in the future, it's something that's pretty easy to overlook. League of Legends is easy to recommend as a great online multiplayer experience."

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Hububla3679d ago

this game is crap compared to Heroes of Newearth.. its really ez to get into the beta of hon if you wana try it.. its the most addictive game i ever played.. steep learning curve though

Chimerhazzard3679d ago

and sincerly, it's a pretty good game. I used to be a DotA player, but stop playing since a year or so. I decided to try this game with a couple of friends... it's feels pretty much like DotA but the learning curve is much more sooth, the game is very easy to learn. In DotA, you can't start playing properly until you know most of the heroes, attacks and items,but on League of Legends you play two or three games and you pretty much got the basics down and you don't have to worry about builds because the game has pre-defined item build suggestions for you. So in the beggining you will most likely follow these suggestions and then later on you will start to build your own. I don't think LoL is a game worth spending too much time on, but it is a funny game to play once in a while.

Kyll3679d ago

Wow, more WoW. Le sigh

mephman3679d ago

Well, kinda, but also very much not. xD

Kyll3679d ago

it's based on a mod, duh, it's going to be supa similur o_O

jammers3679d ago

DoTA all over again. Mod+1.

ShapelyChops3679d ago

Hopefully this will attract some new players to the game and give it a half-decent community.