Sony constructs two sets of whole-house HD video distribution products

If you're inclined to go big and multi-room with audio and video, Sony has unveiled some distribution products for you at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, with two sets of high-definition video distribution products - one for new construction, and one using existing Cat5 cabling.

The NHS-3040 rack system is for new homes, and combines various Sony products for a whole-house distribution network: a home theater, XM Radio tuner, Blu-ray player, 400-disc DVD changer, and 80GB music storage and management server, along with support for 13 different audio/video zones.

The NHS-2040 model drops you down to six zones, while the NHS-1040 removes the changer as well. For existing wiring, Sony offers up the CAV-CVS12ES HD switching system, which uses a single Cat5e per zone to route your video into up to 12 zones, and supports eight 1080p-capable component inputs. The system supports IR and RS-232 control, and pairs up with Sony's CAV-M1000 line of audio distro systems.

As long as you're wiring up your house anyway, why not throw in Sony's WS-ADP4 doorbell intercom adapter with electronic door release, so you don't have to bother the butler to open the door for you while you're both in the third-floor bedroom watching Desperate Housewives in HD.

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