Final Fantasy XIII Weapon System Detailed + Scans

SCRAWL: "Final Fantasy XIII's Crystarium System is one thing; now here comes the game's weapon system.

Lightning and company are not limited to the base statistics of their equipped weapon. Players have the ability to apply weapon upgrades using materials that enemies drop in battle or those found in treasure chest. There are over one hundred materials that can be used to upgrade weapons. These upgrades will boost your weapons strength and experience. "

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Bereaver3680d ago

Ninji reports anything just to get points.

Such an idiot.

Stunt3680d ago

I've been wondering why he keeps reporting all my stories.

Thanks for that info!

Myst3680d ago

Actually it's pretty much anything Final Fantasy XIII related from what I've seen.

seraphic thanatos3680d ago

It sound pretty cool, does it remind anyone else of FF8 weapon system?

Redempteur3680d ago

hopefully it's nothing like it ..

FF8 weapon system was shadowed by the junction system that was broken since ... the start of the game ...

NO thank you ..

seraphic thanatos3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I didn't really think of the junction system, I was referring to how you use material from monsters and chest to create new weapons or upgrade them.

FiftyFourPointTwo3680d ago

I love Lightning's pose in that scan.