Modern Warfare 2: Reject it Because it's Violent?

Modern Warfare 2 "is another immersive first-person game offering players the chance to vicariously participate in acts of violence for the sole purpose of…entertainment."

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NateNater3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

There's a reason Activision added the terrorist sequence in MW2. It was for attention. So, the media is giving Activision exactly what they want.

But this one skippable scene should not stop anyone who wants to play the game from playing it. I've seen much worse violence in other games. Take for example, God of War series.

Terrorism is already widespread around the world. Everyone knows about it. This game doesn't influence terrorism. Do you think people are running around killing eachother and destroying buildings just because they saw it in a video game? No. There are other motives for these disgusting actions.

The main point, many video games contain excessive amounts of violence. If you don't like it, leave it alone.

end rant :)

The_Zeitgeist3683d ago

Normally I would agree and I do with most of what you said. But this is a bit much. And yeah God of War and Gears of War may be ultra violent but not in a realistic way. I mean for heaven sakes you can shoot people that are already shot that are trying to crawl away. It's just a bit over the top. I'll still eventually play it but after buying Uncharted 2 no game seems worth buying right now anyways.

Hellsvacancy3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

It didnt offend/upset me none the slightest

Theres loads of games on the market were u get 2 kill innocent civilians (if u choose 2) Gta, Hitman, Fallout 3, Assassins Creed, The Warriors to name a-few

I really cant c the big deal its a game 4 christs sake

TheBrit3683d ago

It didn't bother me one bit. I read the hype, played the level and was like 'meh' - it was kinda cool seeing some of the people trying to crawl away until i capped them but that was that.

Short but fun level, there wasn't anything bad about it compared to some stuff. A lot of hype over nothing I think.

omodis4203683d ago

It was sick yes. But oh so fun....
I wonder where the columbine killers ever learned about massacres in those days before call of Duty.
The people complaining are not even the ones playing it.

komp3683d ago

Reject Cars as they make people into killers.
Knives and Forks are dangerous.
Monsanto food kills you.
Ban Films with death in them.
End all wars due to killing.

At the end of the day, if you are weak minded to beleive make beleive is real then you need to goto the doctors.

Ive yet to see anyone jumping up and down about the drug references in the game.

OMG we are all going to be injecting cannabis leaves and die....


komp3683d ago

Was it worse to release on Veterans day during the Afghan invasion?

kraze073683d ago

Violence has been around since the age of dinosaurs and maybe even earlier. Why are some people acting like it's just now becoming a bad thing. Now people are starting to talk about violence in books and movies now. Please, give it a rest already.

The_Zeitgeist3683d ago

"Violence has been around since the age of dinosaurs and maybe even earlier."

The Universe was born out of a violent explosion so says the man with the microscope and an imagination. God is also violent. Humans are violent. Animals are violent. Isn't that enough?