How to Build and Market an Xbox 360 War Game (GameSpy)

GameSpy writes: "After kissing Cliff Bleszinski's ass and breaking into Infinity Ward using night vision goggles, we've compiled the strategies behind building grim-dark war games for an audience of armchair commandos."

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Maddens Raiders3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I'm sure some will take it a bit too far but this is so true in a lot of ways. I love the "War of War" comment..! There is definitely a fanbase that would eat this game up simply for the name alone...rofl funny article.

Name generator: "Odyssey of Madness" lol

OGharryjoysticks3676d ago

doesn't own as much of the internet as they can? Meaning (especially) those websites that cover the things they provide, which is video games.

Like....duh. But I bet I get disagrees like we're supposed to think "No man, that's just some theory fanboys come up with" and that explains why Microsoft gets ALL the coverage on 99.9% of the websites that cover games even though they are in SECOND PLACE :)