Microsoft Launches Windows Mobile Web Store

WMV HD Database writes: "Microsoft launches Windows Mobile Marketplace web store allowing consumers to access the Marketplace from their browser."

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Elven63684d ago

Small selection but still better than the system set up before (aka a million different sites to find your apps!). I'm still waiting for the 6.1 app but until then the web should do the trick. Buying games will be cool knowing it will be tied to my Live account.

Ziriux3684d ago

Yea, not a bad selection thus far, I'm sure over time it will improve to offer more.

Elven63684d ago

It's still a bit more than the Palm App Catalog unless you count their Palm Emulator which literally opens up millions of apps for Palm devices. In time we should see more, maybe even renewed interest in Windows Mobile gaming?

I'm a bit shocked that it took Microsoft this long to get this done, they should have been first given the amount of time they've been in the mobile industry.

SKUD3684d ago

What no antivirus app?.

Elven63683d ago

They have a few for Windows Mobile, not sure if they are on the marketplace, bit silly considering threats are going stronger now.