Dragon Age DLC nets $1 million, BF1943 sells 1.2M

Electronic Arts drops sales figures for BioWare's just-launched multiplatform role-playing game, DICE-developed online-exclusive shooter.

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Xof3358d ago

Gee, I wonder how much of that money actually purchased DLC.

(for those of you who don't know, the DLC is pretty buggy and simply does not work for many players).

kraze073358d ago

Which DLC are you talking about and for what platform? Stone Prisoner ran flawlessly for me on the PC. Haven't played Warden's Keep yet though.

Xof3358d ago

Warden's keep for myself. My "bug" is that the map-marker will not appear after talking to the guy in camp. I've also heard of a bug that will prevent players from speaking to the guy in camp, as well as bugs with the stone prisoner that make it impossible to finish (or even start) the quest.

There are a LOT of quest-related bugs in the game, not just with DLC.

chak_3358d ago

that game is a masterpiece, but so much DLC...shame

kraze073358d ago

You can never have too much DLC. I just think they should be offering it for a cheaper price. $15 seems like a lot for Stone Prisoner, but I got it for free so I shouldn't complain.