The Hypocrisy of Modern Warfare 2 Boycotters

YourEMGN Writes: "Remember the PC communities hate against the PC version of Modern Warfare 2? Remember the boycotts and complaining? the offering of cake and money to the (almost) rival game Battlefield bad company 2?

Well I guess you would be interested in this. In this screenshot I took it shows a small sample of the 915 members of the 'Boycott Modern Warfare 2 (WE WANT DEDICATED SERVERS)' steam group however it doesn't seem like many are doing so."

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Madusha3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Haha that's funny, I thought they were trying to boycott the game, not play it. Pretty funny stuff.

Battlefield3678d ago

Lmao, pretty much all of them are playing the boycott

X_iGame_X3678d ago

Lol, it's obvious no one can resist playing Modern Warfare 2, it's such an awesome game.

Saaking3678d ago

Wow. If you're gonna boycott something do it. They bark a lot yet they don't bite.

Noctis Aftermath3678d ago

but are they playing a paid or torrent version?

Ares84PS33678d ago

...that is why they didn't gave a damn.

Also is there a possibility that those people pirated the game???

Elvfam5113678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

haha that's probably the pirate version of steam


I'm not to sure
but i know there's a Steam version out there
that's about it

BRG90003678d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Steam wouldn't recognize them playing a torrent version would it? I think this article is referring to legal purchases.

SuperM3678d ago

there is a pirated steam version. and since you need steam to run it, it might be that version they are playing.

evrfighter3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I guarantee you its the pirated version of steam. I've set mine up the same way. You can add non steam game shortcuts to steam and it'll show you playing the game. Take's all of 5 seconds to do. That's not even including Razor's rip requiring steam to be running.

For curiosity's sake I went back to mininova and added together total downloads and current leechers for the top 15 MW2 torrents. On this one public torrent site alone. There are 328,620 people that have downloaded or are downloading MW2.


ReservoirDog3163678d ago

Like I always say, just cause some are hypocrites doesn't mean they all are.

Some boycotters are hypocrites, I'm not.

Some are christians hypocrites, I'm not.

STONEY43678d ago

Yeah, most of the rips so far require steam to use it. The only one I know that doesn't is SKIDROW's rip.

badz1493678d ago

I'm boycotting and will never ever touch the game EVER!

lsujester3678d ago

Sort of like those guys "boycotting" L4D2. Weak.

syanara3678d ago

but it doesn't change the fact that IW screwed the PC gamers out of a much better game.

Sub4Dis3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

but every person i know that signed the petition just went and bought it for 360. which is exactly what activision wanted in the first place. Their whole goal in doing this to pc gamers was to force them to switch to console so they could get away with nickle n dime-ing with DLC every couple months til MW3. Looks like big corp wins again.
Oh well, this isn't at all surprising.

Now, i know on N4G the latest fad among the fanboys has been to criticize Valve...but let me just say this: Even though the "boycott" of L4D2 was far less justified (as it does offer dedicated servers and a much more original game), Valve still made a mini campaign (2 sections rather than 4-5) and released it for free to the PC community in response. Pretty cool of them when they definitely weren't obligated to do it. It was obviously a gesture to encourage ppl to forget the boycott, but at least they did something, which is a helluva a lot more than I can say for Activision.

I did decide to rent MW2 today though just so i didn't feel like a complete whiny jerk for constantly criticizing it, and let me just say that while I do maintain that this game offers nothing new, and the single player is short and boring (so it still feels too long), i finally understand the online appeal. The game is very addictive and I see why so many ppl are buying it. Took me about 2 hours to get the feel for it, but once I started upgrading a few weapons and learned a few of the maps, I became a contender and am strongly considering trading on Switch Games for it...maybe for UC2.

anyway, just my thoughts on the game and the boycott, sorry to come off a bit winded.

Syronicus3677d ago

The haters will... WILL buy the game. They just like to hear themselves whine about it. They can pitch and moan all they want but they cannot resist the game, PERIOD.

Gun_Senshi3677d ago

I was boycotting MW2 but a friend bought a copy for me "he said xmas present" to play with me.


Syronicus3677d ago

Good on him. Friends don't let friends boycott great games. It's just a known fact.

frostypants3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

It's the #1 selling PC game on Amazon. Nice boycott, there...

As for the people pirating it, you guys are worse than just hypocrites. If you are playing pirated copies, then OBVIOUSLY you must like it and should pay for it. IW does not owe you sh**. But if you play their game, you owe them money. Period. Grow up!

Half the people b*tching about the game in this thread are probably playing it between posts.

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NateNater3678d ago

What the hell PC gamers!? If your going to boycott something, do it right! lol I find this hilarious!

Ubergoober4343677d ago

most of the players actually didn't get the game, obviously out of 900 there are going to be some who did. In reality a small percentage of the members of this group got the game especially compared to the rest of the gaming community.

Pandamobile3678d ago

Well, considering that MW2's PC sales were about 8% of the total, I'd say we're at least sending some sort of message.

Pennywise3678d ago

Sending a message alright... don't even bother making the PC version next time.

Redempteur3678d ago

if it's as crappy as this one . i guess pc gamers won't need the next ones

i can already hear it next year ..

We heard your complain it is .new feature ! dedicated servers ..

I will laugh like crazy , then

BRG90003678d ago

Anyone know how that compares to other games that release on all 3 platforms? I can't imagine PC sales usually amount to much compared to console sales this generation.

Anyone have stats on how much of Dragon Age sales are PC? Or Borderlands?

Noctis Aftermath3678d ago

The PC FPS genre has a large base of players, definitely worth the investment if you are selling a decent FPS game.

IW could have implemented just a few standard features to make PC gamers support it, instead they chose the greedy way out and are paying for it now with huge piracy numbers(just go check any major torrent site) and have no one to blame but themselves.

Valve have got to be singing their praises as many of the people who were previously going to buy the game will torrent it and then buy LFD2 when it comes out.

Back on topic, yes this looks to prove a bunch of people are hypocrites but unless someone says otherwise i'd think that alot of those players are playing the pirated version.

OpenGL3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I don't think the PC boycott has worked all that well. I mean, I'm sure there are some people who would have purchased the title that decided against it due to the lack of dedicated servers, but at the moment Modern Warfare 2 is #1 on Steam's Top Sellers list.

I had no interest in Modern Warfare 2 before the details about the gimped PC version surfaced, and I've never understood what makes the series great. The hype it receives from the console crowd is a turn off for me as well. Perhaps it comes from the fact that Call of Duty is extremely popular with the teen and tween crowd. To them it seems that every new game they get is at that moment "the best game ever made".

A friend of mine is going to bring the 360 version over, so I'll give that a try. CoD4 didn't blow me away and I do not expect the sequel to either, but it is only fair to Infinity Ward to at least try it before passing judgment on the game's quality.

evrfighter3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Like I've said before. All MW2 did was take certain scenes from cool war/action movies and somehow tie them all together. Threw in a little Hanz Zimmer music and bam it's suddenly the


I couldn't believe how short it was. I felt ripped off and I didn't even pay for it...


mastiffchild3678d ago

Well, Pennywise, it's a damn shame that more console gamers didn't have the nous to boycott the game and demand dedicated servers too. The sad thing is that IW/Acti knew what a sappy community we are so treated us accordingly. They only care about the bottom line and knew the cast majority of gamers don't think past the next big game they want to play let alone consider that the industry runs on OUR money and dies without us.

I'd prefer the online game of the year ran on dedicated servers whether I was buying it for whatever system or PC, wouldn't you? I'd prefer more players per match available too, wouldn't you? I'd also like it at the same price as most games seeing as games are expensive enough already and know about 40 people who game that have been made redundant over the past year here in the UK(that the retailer4rs sucked it up this time in their own MW2 greed rush whether it be as a loss leader or in the hope of making more on pure sales bulk makes no odds as the hike still worked for them and means we'll pay more next time-wherever you might ,live)-I do NOT like Activision playing us like fools and laughing while we argue and some of us even from their side!

IDK what this article shows as I've no idea whether a piraed version(of whatever kind) would register on Steam or not as I've never pirated a game in my life but will say that a lot of my PC gaming mates ARE pirating MW2 AND playing it too. That said I daresay a few people were stupid enough to sugn a petition and then fold immeddiately-but can't see it being this rife if I'm honest. Not going by the PC dales anyway.

The thing is I honestly would have expected MW2 to have dedicated servers and not least on PC where it's practically an unwritten law. Maybe if the PC boycotters had taken a different tack with console only gamers, appealed to them saying that THEY should also ask for them and explained just why there would have been more support and less of the console gamers laughing like it was just PC gamers turn or even something they somehow deserved. Why, just because console gamers, and I include myself in that number these days, expect to ppay more for our games and always get fewer services and P2P more often than not?

It's nearly 2010. P2P is a creaky and limited system for online gaming which can put you at greater and greater risk of host advantage, crappy connections ruining things and all manner of cack from the lag sack. Why, when they wanted £55 from me for this game(which had I bought it for the PS3-which I would have if I was buying it-probably wouldn't even have worked online)would I not expect a better service than most games? Why wouldn't PC gamers expect, for more money than least time, more services than last time?

It isn't just PC games that lost out here-we all did. What's worse, imo, is that we lost a big chance to show the industry that the days of us just swallowing high priced games with poor feature sets and terrible QA or no beta testing were over. We should have showed them we know what we want and how to ask for it but we didn't. We fought among ourselves while some of us, just because we like the game(and why wouldn't you want it even better?), started being apologists for IW/Acti! They must think it's hilarious! We're the wealest, meekest bunch of consumers in existenve. I've seen heroin addicts with greater willpower!

All I can get out of the whole MW2 furore(apart from the awful way IW and Acti conduct themselves these days)is the sad notion that gaming is as far away today from having any kind of coherent community as it ever was. We're so divided and easy to control it's a little embarrassing-FFS the biggest game of the year didn't work online on two of it's platforms! Can yopu imagine that kind of thing happening in any other industry and them getting away with it? It's a joke because WE'RE a joke and we have to forget our differences and learn to use our power together if we want the quality of gaming to get better in future-being honest the way IW have shipped this game partially unusable on PC and PS3(for a sizeable number of gamers)is really bad-expect more of the same for as long as we remain so weak and pathetically grateful to the people WE pay the wages of.

I only replied to you on this one pennywise as I didn't think you'd be one of those happy that IW took the pi55 out of us all.

Proud non buyer of MW2. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't make it right-not for me anyway. I just hope that EA dropping new IPs isn't a sign that we're set for a LOT more treatment like we've just bent over for.

ReservoirDog3163678d ago

Exactly! Like you said, EA appearing to revert back to its old ways is probably because of this. We lost good EA because so many people showed that they will buy anything that has a name that they recognize. So, this is our fault for being a weak community. We lost Mirror's Edge 2 and many others because we bought mw2.

Disgusting huh? Well, at least both of us can go into this without a guilty conscious huh? Course that means we're being punished for them.

ChozenWoan3678d ago



My cousin has been trying to convince me that MW2 is all this and that but I've set my mind. He's talked about the graphics and new interface, which by the way reminds me of R6V2, but I'm not impressed. As for the maps, I've played Soccom:C which has some pretty huge maps that go on for days so that is a mute point.

This game is just a time bomb. Soon all of the glitches and tricks will be running rampant just as before, and people will be surprised when nothing is done about it until 3-6 months before MW3. Thus I will continue to stand my ground and refuse to buy, rent, or even pirate this game. Besides, there is too many games and not enough time to play them all to get caught up in the hype, just to be disappointed in the end like I was with MW1.

Anyway, Game On with whatever game makes you happy for the time being.

pangitkqb3677d ago

I'm with you. Proud and honest boycotter right here. I didn't buy it and I'm certainly not going to pirate it.

D4RkNIKON3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

I am boycotting it and it is KILLING ME! All of my friends are playing it on PSN and there are only about 2 of my friends who are with me on the boycott. I know the game is going to be fun but I don't want to support devs that treat their customers like that. I am waiting to find a used copy and all of this hype is tearing me apart. I do believe the game is not what it should have been and for that I stand my ground. Any one else who is boycotting this game for PS3 add me on PSN and we can play something else like Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2. ID - D4RkNIKON

pangitkqb3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Good for you for sticking to your decision. It's not always easy. This may sound funny, but I refused to buy a 360 until it included a Hard Drive bigger than 20 gig and an HDMI port. I bought mine the second it had those. It was hard watching my brother and many friends play online together, but I now have a better (and significantly more reliable - ALL of them have had the RROD now) 360 that I play all the time.

Noctis Aftermath3677d ago

I have found it easy to boycott MW2, and i'm a ps3 only owner(using a crap lappy to write this) but i feel the actions of activision and IW were unjust and instead of trying to please their customer base they bend them over, i have gamed alot on PCs (battlefield 1942,vietnam, warcraft 3, world of warcraft to name a few) and i share your anger so stand your ground and continue to boycott MW2 otherwise i will feel like i'm supporting a bunch of gutless hypocrites.

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Digitaldude3678d ago

This is hilarious!
You realize its only due to the hype. I bet they all originally didn't plan to buy it, but since everyone is talking about it and giving it hype they bought it.

hayzer3678d ago

I decided it to get it used for my PS3 but thats after I get UC2