GameZone: Top 10 PSP Games

GameZone writes: "Even though there have been some drought periods thrown in, but the PSP seems to have really come onto its own as a handheld. The console has proven that it can co-exist with the Nintendo DS, and carry an audience all its own. Here's a look at some of my recent favorite games for the system:"

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Darkestbeforedawn3679d ago

I just wish they would release Tekken Dark Resurrection and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops on the PlayStation Store for us GO owners.

GWAVE3679d ago

It was a decent list, but I'm puzzled by games like Crisis Core and GTA being on there whereas Disgaea (1 or 2...take your pick) and Monster Hunter are both absent.

Darkestbeforedawn3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

to play Disgaea yet, but I definitely agree that Monster Hunter needs to be on there. Also, I'm surprised they went with Vice City Stories over ChinaTown wars in the GTA department. I guess some people still don't care for the over head, old-school GTA feel.

I also really wanna get a crack at Persona. I need some of that Christmas cash flow!

Socomer 19793679d ago

First let me say that I play psp everyday & I have probly more than 50 games & about 15 movies before the psn explosion of psp awesomeness.

I still haven't played some of the ps1 classics like metal gear , final fantasy & soul reaver legacy of kain.
Okay. My top 10 so far.

1.) God of war chains of Olympus.
2.) gran turismo
3.) monster hunter freedom unite
4.) wipeout
5.) syphon filter
6.) resistance retribution
7.) socom fireteam bravo
8.) tekken
9.) guilty gear
10.) damn I messed up! I need to play more psp games. PSN, here I come!

Hey you know what? I have been wishing for a ninja gaiden game for my psp.
Wouldn't that be cool?!

Epedemic3679d ago

Replace GOW with Crisis Core and Replace the 2nd spot with GOW and replace lumines with Dissidia. Then the list may be a bit accurate although monster hunter is missing.

kraze073679d ago

They could've fit the whole list on one page.

1111113679d ago

No monster hunter = EPIC Fail. Words cant describe how epic even!