Will You Be Boycotting Modern Warfare 2 Over Activision's PS3 Comments?

Justin D. of Neocrisis writes: "I think that's a fair question to ask.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, back in the middle of the year, a few months before Sony announced the PS3 price cut, Bobby Kotick mentioned that Activision might have to cut support for all Sony consoles if Sony didn't cut the PS3 price (that included the PSP, which we still don't know the reason why Kotick thought the PSP had anything to do with that situation, though we could take a wild guess: he wants a million and ONE dollars instead of just a million). This was while Kotick was charging an arm and a leg for rehashes of the Guitar/Drum/Band/DJ/Whatever Hero franchises they came out with and saying that he would charge MORE for MW2 if he could. This left a sour taste in the mouths of PS3 gamers, and may have led to the dismal sales of that system's version of Prototype.

I don't think that, so far, the PS3 public isn't too concerned about the comments that Kotick made to the London Times (if the current sales of the PS3 version of the game are to be believed), but I would love to know if anyone is boycotting Modern Warfare 2 because of those comments."

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Pandamobile3677d ago

No, I'm not buying it because of Infinty Ward's treatment of PC gamers.

40cal3677d ago

Yeah the whole PC thing kinda sucks, but they did have to try and take control back of there game.

To late for me to boycott the game, I already picked it up along with the new BUZZ.

RememberThe3573677d ago

I'm not buying it because of the 4-5 hour campaign.

kws10653677d ago

incidentally...Anyway MW is not my cup of tea. Other products from Activision? I don't even bother to try to see them.

But I am sure that I'm gonna buy Starcraft2 and Diablo3...well...let me put them under Blizzard.

KonohagakureFC3677d ago

He wanted the PS3 price to go down but MW2 price to go up.... smells like hypocrisy to me

xc7x3677d ago

gamers say a lot of stuff but rarely follow up on what they say...truth <=== fanboys may slap me now

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