EA Rounds Out 2006 with Over 20 Titles

Electronic Arts today revealed more than 20 game titles that round out its 2006 line-up. With an unparalleled mix of action, adventure, sports and racing games. EA's summer showcase reflects the global appeal of games on 11 different platforms.

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JPomper5423d ago

And they're all watered-down crap! Look out for EA's Madden 2008 where your team sits around the 50-yard line and pleasures each other orally while Madden comments on how there's still no goalpost net!

MoonDust5423d ago

Congratulation on choosing quantity over quality.

super bill5423d ago

no mention of fifa football game then.

dfb19775422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

Does anyone know exactly how many Madden/NHL etc games there have been. I think its about time they left a bigger gap between releases, or only release a new one when they have a true innovation or improvement and concentrate their efforts on creating some original ideas.