XBox Live Breaks Records With 2 Million online at once

Today, Xbox Live had a record breaking day. Two million people were connected to Xbox Live service at one time

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buckethead_9113675d ago

The Modern Warfare 2 Effect.

wxer3675d ago

it looks like every one forgot about PC online gaming
maybe they are talking about the xbox breaking it own record

JokesOnYou3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

With a growing userbase + a hot new game + a online that works= Continued Live Dominance.


edit, lol the disagree's won't change the fact that Live dominates when it comes to online playtime for consoles, its not even close, some of you act as you never heard of Halo3, Gears, L4D, COD4 etc before. lol

sikbeta3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Pretty much yes...nothing can beat PC online community

Hahaha!!! disagree all you want, you delusional kids:

Online PC community > everything

Cwalat3675d ago

No doubt MW2 is a beaaast when it comes to online community.

WildArmed3675d ago

lol PC community is too big to be counted for the most part xD
I'm thinking it (live) broke it's previous highest record.. which is pretty kewl.

Why o why3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

boy it seems you dont have much to say nowadays...i guess that 'fact' you speak of OWNS having actual games to play i mean i really get pissed and bitter that you get to take advantage of so many online users all at once whilst i just have to play other games AND this 1...*sigh* Anyhow it seems cod6 is a beast on live and psn. Congratulations IW and xbl i think

@ some of the guys above

pc shouldnt even come into this. we all know what time it is when it comes to pcs online community plus theres more pcs than anything else out there therefore there should be more....even JokesOnYou should be able to grasp that gem of wisdom.

Saaking3675d ago

@jOkes on you
haha, nice stealth troll there. "An online that works" implying other services, specifically PSN, doesn't.

maniacmayhem3675d ago

You may be right...too bad this story is talking about Xbox Live.

I think you're getting disagrees because you are way off topic.

clonerz3674d ago

This is what kills me i wonder just how many xbox gold accounts there really are as we speak microsoft likes to talk a big one but 2 million a record. I say there is no way they have over 7 million gold with that figure then. At least not active gold maybe 10 million who have signed up at one time or another. Like me i have had 2 accounts but not gold anymore and both of them where at one time or another.

kevoncox3674d ago

Hy dummy,
It says at the same time. Why would everyone that has an xbox be online at the same time. Hell MW2 is as popular as crack but the most you see on at a time is about 400,000.

ape0073674d ago

I gotta say it's one of the best games I've ever seen this generation

thank you IW you are the best

vhero3674d ago

and no thanks to Halo the so called great exclusive.. A 3rd party non exclusive had to do it shame on you 360 owners.

alphabet3674d ago


Who cares what game is being played? That's not what's important, it's the numbers that matter. I've been lurking this site for over a year, and I'm sick of all you people constantly flipping sh1t on each other.


Who cares which console does better, sells more etc etc Play the games that YOU like and just enjoy one of the most competitive gaming markets of all time, instead of coming on websites like this to argue like 12 year olds at a playground.

dimebag32103674d ago

yesterday at about 3 o clock central, there were 1 million people on mw2. awesome

AliTheBrit193674d ago


This is one of the MANY reasons Xbox Live is so superior to PSN

The large community.

O2_Addict3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Supposedly there are over 30 million individual Xbox360 users.

Supposedly they average over 11 hours per week (so many play a lot more).

Supposedly nearly all of them pay for Live.

Even accounting for time-zones, if all the above is true, does it make sense that this has happened only once?

Tavaras3674d ago

What does Halo has to do with MW2 online numbers? If you would actually PLAY the games, you would know that Halo and MW are totally different... I don't like Halo multiplayer too much, I prefer MW, but that don't mean I shouldn't recognize that hundreds of thousands do enjoy it. You are just being a hater. Halo has transcended just being a "great exclusive". The franchise is already at legendary status. If you don't see that, then you are blind and there is no hope for you. You don't have to like it, but you should be a man and atleast respect it.

PotNoodle3674d ago

"it looks like every one forgot about PC online gamin"

Erm, it is talking about breaking the Xbox live's previous record. And what does PC have to do with this? There is no way in telling how many people are online playing games on the PC, and if there was, it would be a much, much higher number than 2 million.. lol.

jameparent3674d ago

Wow, cry more PC fanboys. You are all pathetic internet trolls!

Elven63674d ago

PC technically does have something to do with it because GFWL uses what is essentially Xbox Live, not sure if those numbers were included in this account.

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BigKev453675d ago

We were all playing Perfect Dark Zero. lol.

RockmanII73675d ago

I'm playing Kung Fu Panda, thank you very much

buckethead_9113675d ago

The previous record was of >1 Million when Halo 3 and Gears 2 launched.

wxer3675d ago

all those PPL with no lives
thats just sad

PeptoBismol3675d ago

so all of a sudden, online gamers have no lives?

you're logic is extremely flawed.

Guitarded3675d ago

...says the driod who spends all his time in a game forum.LOL.

4point7BillionLoss3674d ago

That's by xbox live is the community Multiplayer platform of the future

Where were the Sony gaymer ... oh right .... they were playing HD pool in HOME and doing the konga ....


AliTheBrit193674d ago

LOL coming from the guy trolling N4G

oh the hypocrisy!

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