VGC Review - Modern Warfare 2

Does this anticipated sequel live up to the hype?

If you travel south enough at this time of the year, you will find summer somewhere; so it's perfectly fine that Activision waited until November to release the single best high-octane summer blockbuster of the year. And it is a blockbuster indeed, as VGChartz data has the game at 7 million sales by the end of opening day. Being the sequel to a revered game like 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare' is no small task, but once you pop in the disc you will quickly be able to tell that Infinity Ward was bent on surpassing expectations. Modern Warfare 2 is a rare title that brings a variety of experiences and vividly impresses you with all.

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Nambassa3681d ago

but does it deserve it? its sitting 1% under Uncharted 2 on metacritic, and i personally think it does not deserve it.