HonestGamers: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

HonestGamers writes: "If a critic were to compare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360 to a marathon run through an Afghanistan minefield, would you keep reading? I'm not sure that I would. There's enough talk like that floating around the Internet already. So let's kick the hyperbole to the curb, as much as my prose permits. Let's get right down to the question at hand ("Is the game any good?") and to the answer that I endorse ("Yes.")."

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MajestieBeast3681d ago

Honestgamers aint so honest.

kws10653681d ago

U2 - 8/10 (Only site that gives below 9 in Gamerankings. Not included in Metacritics)
MW2 - 10/10

Not so honest...

mintaro3681d ago

Its not possible that they like MW2 more than U2?

kws10653681d ago

but 8 to 10...Very unlikely. Especially, when considering there is only one 8 among reviews.

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Maddens Raiders3681d ago

"Modern Warfare 2 is a ---->>> ((thoroughly polished)), entertaining and shocking follow-up to one of the greatest military shooters ever crafted. More of the same doesn't have a right to be this good!"
==========================='s obvious this guy is in love with his own writing style, which he thinks justifies writing such an over the top review buffered by bigger-than-Everest contradictions. Then again: the review goes on to pretty much state that he's a fanboy --

"Staff reviews represent the opinion of the individual staff member that wrote them and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the site staff as a whole." 8D