It Ain't Perfect: Modern Warfare 2

What parts of this war were hell the second time around? Crispy Gamer looks through the effusive reviews and finds the negative points that were easy to miss.

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LukaX233675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Before people start commenting "Battlefield, Halo and Killzone 2 are wayyy better first person shooters", I just want to point something out.

Yes, I know the single player feels a bit short, but I personally had a blast playing through it. Although it might be on the short side, it's one heck of an action-packed ride. There's not a single dull moment throughout the whole story.

About the multiplayer, I don't see why people are saying "It's the same old thing" when in fact it's not. There are new kill streaks, new upgradable perks, new weapons and quite a few other brand new features to the CoD series. It's a lot like CoD4, but dramatically enhanced. I don't know how you could even compare this to anything else out there.

I know a lot of the negative things said about the game are simply because people are boycotting the game, but that's because those people care. If the game were truly as bad as everyone said it is, then they wouldn't bother writing about it in the first place.

Rob Hornecker3675d ago

I couldn't agree more with you Luka. Yes the single player and co-op spec ops modes are short in game play,but as you said the "action is non stop". I love the new weapons and the graphics are state of the art in both the xbox and PS3 versions. Although I feel the game was way over hyped!

I will be looking forward to see what the DLC will be like. I hope that they continue with the single player and spec ops modes. One thing that I wish they would have put in was a 4 player to the spec ops mode. Other than that MW2 is a excellent game and doubt it would of sold more than 5 million copies world wide if it wasn't.

JeffGUNZ3675d ago

This game was 3 components. The single player, special ops, and multiplayer. Yeah, the single player is not real long, but you have special ops and multiplayer to turn to after that. MW games are not meant to be played on normal, they are meant to be played on veteran. I would like to see someone beat this game in under 10 hours in veteran. Special Ops is action packed and addicting trying to achieve 3 stars on all missions. The MP is a masterpiece. 16 maps, new weapons, perks, upgradable everything. The multiplayer has a new and exciting feel to it and I love every moment of it. I personally think this is not just the best game I have played this generation, but overall, this is the best game I have ever played. I am not saying it's the best game in the world, but just the best I have ever played in my 20+ years of video game playing. All 3 modes are addicting and especially the MP. MW1 and MW2 are all about the multiplayer. I loved the story in the first MW and I am loving this story now in this game. This game deserves all the hype and praise.