Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Interview (plus Hi-res screens)

For several months after its unveiling at the E3 in 2006, most gamers simply talked about "that Naughty Dog game", thanks to Sony's neglecting to supply a title to its brief clip. It wasn't until February that we found out the game's name, and that only made people more curious...

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is the story of an everyman, Nathan Drake, and his attempts to follow in the footsteps of 16th century explorer Sir Francis Drake (no relation... or is there?). The game supposes that the English mariner didn't die in 1586, as the history books say, but had one last adventure in the South American jungle. That's where Nathan comes in.

Is he related to Sir Francis? What sort of adventures await? And is the game going to make fence-sitters want a PS3?

To find out more, Kikizo went straight to Richard Lemarchand, the lead game designer on Drake's Fortune at Naughty Dog.

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Robotz Rule4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

Uncharted:Drake's Fortune is looking and sounding sweet!

I'm pre-ordering this gem!

I hope Nauhty Dog also does a good job on the next-gen Jak & Daxter!

Great find deep,you're the best!:)

techie4571d ago

I know :p but you'll have to do without me until E3 from now on :) so have fun!

fenderputty4571d ago

This game has become the title that I am most looking forward too. I simply cannot wait.

techie4571d ago

"there's a lot of allied gameplay involving his companions Elena and Sullivan who will help Drake out of sticky situations - or be helped out by him - in a whole load of different action and puzzle situations." I loved that in POP sands of time :)

sonarus4571d ago

This game is gonna be awesome. Definetly the game to own this holiday season that and HS offcourse. I am liking the 6 axis implementation especially in the vehicles it would definetly add an edge to the gameplay

tehcellownu4571d ago

looks hella real!! lookin forward for this game..hopefully this year around november..

VirtualGamer4571d ago

This is definately going to be a must have game for me. Bring it Naughty Dog!

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The story is too old to be commented.