Dead Rising Gets "New" Threads, New DLC

Capcom is celebrating 1 million copies of Dead Rising sold by... hitting 360 owners up for some Microsoft Points. Seven new pieces of downloadable content for the Xbox 360 game are now up on Xbox Live, including three freebies.

Hit the jump for all the detail.

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Eclipticus4158d ago

I wish they released something else besides costume. maybe new missions or game types... or weapons. cause yeah there isnt enough weapons...

Excalibur4158d ago

A fix to read the frikin' text

snoop_dizzle4158d ago

yeah that was an issue.

But would that be dlc or a downloadable patch?

Rhezin4158d ago

HOW about the DL content that concerns CO-OP!

omansteveo4158d ago

i was talking to the xbox guy the other day at my work and he said he'd heard rumblings of a co-op download later on but who knows

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The story is too old to be commented.