Nintendo Employees Generate $2.5 Million Each

Nintendo was so successful last year that each employee generated $2.5 million, more than double what Google's employees generated. And with the Wii off to a red hot start, Nintendo is set for another fantastic year. In fact, according to Fortune, the Wii has already "won." More within...

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sonarus4785d ago

F you nintendo. Not to be a hater but the wii sucks. Whats with all these casual gamers anyway. Casual gamers should stick with handhelds. Then you get to gloat about all your profits when you easily took the easy way out.

SmokeyMcBear4785d ago

dude, get of you hardcore high horse. Maybe you guys don't remember, but i had a game console when i was 6, it was called the NES... Nintendo is staying true to its roots and reaping the profit. I wonder when you become hardcore, im thinking somewhere around 8th grade.

ITR4785d ago

Hate or get off the pot.

SKUD4785d ago

Every one at nintendo is taking a dump on gold toilets. Nice!!!.

Saint Sony4785d ago

Wii does not suck, if it would suck it would sell even more because porn industry is HUGE!

Marceles4785d ago

In that case, I wonder if Nintendo needs a janitor...

BIadestarX4785d ago

Now that Nintendo is big and rich enough... can we start hating them as much as people hate microsoft?

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