Extreme Rumour: 80GB PS3 Spotted in Canada?

A posting in Canadian bargain site indicates that for a brief time Best Buy Canada had an 80GB PS3 listed on their site. Compared to the normal 60GB listing only the HDD capacity is different on the page; SKU WEBID etc are all the same. SPG has checked the site and all seems back to normal but did anyone else come across this? Anyone have some Photoshop skills to see if it is a hoaxed page?

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Ru4578d ago

why is it they only are boosting the hardrive up 20Gb?
Why not boost it up to 120 or higher?
Is it cost?
How much are they going to charge for the 80gb version?

TruthHurts4578d ago

I don`t know why they`d release an 80gb,unless it`s the same price. You can put almost any harddrive you want in it.

SmokeyMcBear4578d ago

most likely the costs (for sony) between a 60 GB and an 80GB are almost negligable, it will become the new standard. So basically giving you 20 more Gigs for the same cost

TruthHurts4578d ago

i haven`t heard anything about this. if i do i let you guys know.

OTACON4578d ago

Maybe you won't believe me but, I think there is a problem on Best Buy database, maybe someone from there is teasing us? Or maybe I am a paranoiac user... :))

Lord Anubis4578d ago

well, the image shows 699 canadian, I think is the same price for the 60 gig version.

IBLEEDBLU4578d ago

considering the fact you can upgrade to 250gs or higher

i guess its because of the tv demand feature soon coming - and ppl are gonna need that 80gb at start

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