360 for $360!!!

Waiting on a Xbox 360 price drop that won't come until 2007? Why not take the bull by the horns and snag one for cheap today?

Overstock has the Xbox 360 Premium/Platinum system w/ hard drive back in stock! With the coupon below, this is nearly $100 cheaper than you'll find them retail (with tax) and probably lower than we'll see the 360's for another year or so.

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TheMART5450d ago

There you go!

Compare that to 600 dollars EXCL. Tax people. Even more reason to choose a 360 over a non released BetaBluRay player

omansteveo5450d ago

This s off topic but that Alan dude has voted lame on the last 3 xbox related topics ive looked at dude get a life...anyways oh sweet cheaper is good