Fortune: How Wii Won

Fortune's Jeffrey M. O'Brien explains how Nintendo's new game machine won over the world - and beat the pants off Sony and Microsoft.

"While game consoles typically attract youngish males with an antisocial streak, the Wii is bringing people of all demographics together: in nursing homes, for Wii bowling leagues, on cruise ships, at coed (!) Wii-themed parties and, of course, in lines - as hordes of consumers clamor to buy the impossible-to-find $250 machine. Nintendo is churning out over a million units a month and still can't meet demand."

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funkysolo4253d ago

I'm sick of hearing about the wii, where do these people live in a remote island, I can go to any store and find the wii. I think is stupid fanboys editors that keep hyping the system more that what it really is a last gen system

XxZxX4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

you cant deny it, Wii won now.. Future don't know yet. Will mainstream continue with the current graphic and technology and when will mainstream adapt to nexgen graphics. We don't know. Of course for gamers, it is good for us to adapt to the next technology, but majority won't take that chance so swiftly. For nintendo, kudos for milking the FUDs by putting a cheap console and let FUDs commited halfways to something that is one foot on current gen and one foot on next gen. I'm sure right now Nintendo strategy is basically same as Sony on PS2, milk it while it last and both of them seem to do so.

unsunghero284253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

You can find one? Please, give me a hand!

I could name about five different people who are still looking like crazy and can't get their hands on that sturdy li'l white box.

hfaze4253d ago

Let's face it, they got some big hits with Wii Sports and Wii Play, but how long are they going to be able to keep the "casual gamer" locked in?

Hardcore gamers are the ones that will jump on the latest game title, generate the most sales per user, and basically be the bread and butter keeping the money flowing in to the companies putting out the games that appeal to the hardcore gamer crowd...

The casual gamer crowd is a bit more fickle... They aren't as likely to keep buying games for it (especially when you historically get a boatload of crappy games on Nintendo's systems), and they're not the type that will lookup reviews on games before they buy. How many times of buying an absolute craptastic games for $50 a pop will it take to turn off the casual gamer from the Wii?

I've always complained about Nintendo holding back technology. The last truly advanced system they put out was the N64 (a SGI Indigo workstation, sans hard disk and optical drive, in a funny looking casing). They may have hit it off big at first, but how long is this crazy momentum going to carry on without AAA titles?

unsunghero284253d ago

I think the hardcore gamer should be perfectly fine with Corruption, Galaxy, Brawl, and BWii...

As for the casual gamer, there are a ton of first- (and even more third-) party games coming out that should be casual enough for just about anyone.

Babylonian4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

"While game consoles typically attract youngish males with an antisocial streak............"

Fvck you asshole, we gamers all have our social lives. I't not like we play games all day long. And videogames became mainstream in early 2000s, it's not like Nintendo opened a whole new area. The gamescene began in the 70s and actually got mainstream in the 90s, but the real big mainstream is in 2000s. What a monkeyfvck this guy is.

unsunghero284253d ago

Dude, just because you're 12 doesn't mean that everyone started playing videogames the same time that you did. Jesus.

Plus, what the hell kind of a sicko talks about grandma self-stimulation???

ITR4252d ago

What are you talking about...VG and arcades were mainstream back in the 80's.


F'in arcades ruled back in the 80's and 90's.

Now I'm wondering what the hell happened.

sumfood4u4253d ago

Pricey is no concern, Fun~Factor a Perfect 10! Togetherness is better than alone!

funkysolo4253d ago

Don't you have to out sell your competitors before you can be crown king? Wii may be selling well but there games are not. The wii has a 2 to 1 attach rate and the xbox has a 6 to 1, so who's doing better, I would go with the one selling the most games as that would make me as a developer want to makes games for a system that sells games. The wii can sell 50 million units and still end up losing if the only games people play on it are wii sports and wii play. So to the morons out there defending nintendo for offering you a gamecube with a gadget and overcharging you for it, buy a real next gen system.

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