Gears Of War Novel

According to VH1 Game Break there will be a Gears of War novel..

Heres what they said,

"Perhaps you know that one-time dean of gaming journalism Steven Kent moved on (and mostly out of game journalism) to write military-oriented science fiction novels about clones. He even was up for a Philip K. Dick Award for one of the books in the series.

"Now, it looks as though Kent has scored a prime video game novelization by snagging the Gears of War franchise. The novel doesn't even have a title yet, just "Gears of War 1." That number 1 at the end of the placeholder title indicates to me that Kent has scored a multiple book deal, maybe two, maybe three."

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ngg123454575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

If it is anything like the game, I simply have to buy it. "Hey you mother f*cker, Mark Fenix screams while chainsawing the alien in half.

toughNAME4575d ago

"I think your bat-sh!t crazy"

best line!

OTACON4575d ago

If there will be "Xbox" logo, I'm going to cry... :D

Excalibur4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

I've been looking for something new to read anyway might as well be this!

Just one question, a paperback for $12.95? Hmmm...

KoolMan4575d ago

this could be actually intersting... I dont own a 360 but i would like to read about this game story....

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