Square Enix to publish Taito's latest

Square Enix are looking set to publish the latest in Taito's latest series of the Estpolis games (known to those outside Japan as Lufia). The new game will be called 'Estpolis: Land Cursed by the Gods' and will be produced by the same development team behind the last game.

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williamkenny3675d ago

I didn't play the last game, but if it being developed by SE then I am hopeful of a solid game.

Montrealien3674d ago

Did you not get the memo Kenny? It`s cool to hate on Square Enix these days.


This is great news, I loved the Lufia series on the snes as a teen.

gameseveryday3675d ago

Can somebody please tell me what the game is all about?

Ziriux3675d ago

I don't care too much for the dev. but I cannot wait for Square to release FF XIII.

williamkenny3675d ago

I always though SE were a good developer.

gameseveryday3675d ago

I guess Final Fantasy XIII should be released very soon. I guess its only a matter of months before 2010 hits, so we would have all the great games.

williamkenny3675d ago

Agreed, I highly anticipate the next FF, as well as all the games coming out 2010 (including those who ran away from MW2 release date!).

williamkenny3675d ago

Lufia, known as Estpolis Denki (officially translated as Biography Estpolis?) in Japan, is a series of computer role-playing games developed by Neverland (aside from The Ruins of Lore, which was developed by Atelier Double). The games are published by Taito in Japan, and Natsume or Atlus in the U.S. While the games are primarily traditional 2D RPG's they draw on elements from many other genres including Action-Adventure, Monster collecting and Puzzle Games.

Straight from the dictionary :).

gameseveryday3675d ago

So its basically a mixture of all great game play elements combined in to one?

williamkenny3675d ago

Pretty much. Seems like a standard dungeon crawler to me.

i_i_n3675d ago

i've only played lufia and the fortress of doom, and lufia II: rise of the sinistals for the SNES, but i can safely say both were remarkable games, with lufia II being one of the most engaging experiences i've ever had on the SNES.

it was a fun game with an amazing soundtrack, plenty of sidequests, a great storyline, tons of challenging puzzles, tremendous graphics for its time, and the capsule monster and ip systems were new to me at the time which i found to me rather enjoyable.

and if anyone remembers the ancient cave... whoa boy that was a tough one.

i've never played the gameboy color/advance ones, but i thoroughly enjoyed the first two on the SNES.

i'll be watching any information i can find on this game, hopefully it does well.

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