Crysis 50% Off on Steam

This week's Steam Weekend Deal has Crytek's action shooters Crysis and Crysis Warhead at 50% off.

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Pandamobile3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

If you have a capable rig, buy this game!

I've never spent so much time playing a single player game than I have with Crysis. I really don't know where people get the 'gameplay sucks' bit from. The gun-play is fantastic, you can customize your weapons at any time by adding scopes, ammo type, silencers, etc which is good for assessing the situation and acting accordingly.

I really doesn't matter what type of gamer you are either. You can go in Rambo style and f*ck sh1t up with a full-auto assault rifle and your fists, or use the cloak to sneak around, grab enemies by the throat and throw them off a cliff.

I'll stop there because if I don't I'll just go off on a tangent about how much fun it is to throw Koreans through walls and punch vehicles off the road into a bunch of trees.

And it's a pretty good length campaign too. Took me a good 18-20 hours on my first play-through. Plus Warhead is another 6-7 hours. And Crysis Wars is a blast. Gigantic, almost Battlefield 2 sized maps with air vehicles, land vehicles and and awesome Crysis-exclusive game mode called Power Struggle where the two teams fight for control of a nuclear weapons factory. Capture alien energy sites to speed up the nuke-making progress, then buy a TAC launcher and nuke the enemy's base to finish the game!

I couldn't think of a better way to spend $30 than on Crysis and Warhead. BUY IT!

funkycoldmedina3677d ago

Have you experienced any issues with DRM? I own the original Crysis SE DVD version without DRM and enjoyed it very much that I played through SP several times. I really want to get Warhead and have been waiting for a price drop like this but DRM still concerns me. I was hoping through STEAM it wouldn't include DRM but looking at the descriptions it does.

rawrockkillz3677d ago

I have had no problems with DRM.

BattleAxe3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Just bought a Dell Studio XPS 9000 with the i7 Quad Core, 3 gigs DDR3 and a Geforce GTX 260 graphics card. Runs Crysis like a dream with everything on high except post processing is on medium and anti-aliasing is on x4.

I bought Crysis Maximum Edition (Crysis, Crysis: Warhead and Crysis Wars) and I'm just over 2/3 the way through the first game. I love the game in single player, but I didn't really care for the online part which I played off the Crysis disc. Hoping that Crysis Wars will be a better online experience.

Question: I bought the original Far Cry for PC for only $9.99 at future shop, but I can't install it due to the fact that I'm currently running Windows Home Premium 64. I tried to install it in windows XP compatibility mode and as an administrator, but I don't have the Setup64.exe, I only have the Setup32.exe. Am I screwed? Does it have to be a 32 bit operating system? Also would windows 7 make a difference?

funkycoldmedina3677d ago

Great Game, that is quite lame that FC requires a 32-bit OS setup. I own FC as well but am using WinXP. I just looked for patches at and even the patches specify 32-bit only.

Good luck, hopefully you can google some kind of mod patch to resolve this issue.

BattleAxe3676d ago

Thanks, I might check out the steam version and see what the specs are and see if it contains a setup64.exe file. I noticed that the official far cry patches are specified only for 32 bit aswell.

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thedarkvault3677d ago

damn, I just bought the 2 pack last week for $40, oh well.

STONEY43677d ago

Amazing game, definitely worth the price. I've played through it over 20 times. I love how the console owners who can't play it say it's "generic" or "the gameplay sucks" yet they'll play Call of Duty 4.

I don't think the Steam version can run in 64-bit mode, so if you wan't to put that extra RAM to use (assuming you have more than 3GB of RAM) then buy the Maximum Edition (includes Crysis and Warhead) at retail.