CVG: Bioshock 2 Hands-On Preview

CVG writes: "Last month PSM3 Magazine got down and dirty in the first BioShock 2 hands-on and yesterday morning, with notepad and extra strong coffee in hand, we travelled to Take-Two in Windsor to do the same.

Stepping into the shoes of the first Big Daddy, Delta, to stomp around the even more rapidly decaying streets of Rapture is, unsurprisingly, an instantly familiar experience.

The feeling of isolation induced by the drip, drip, drop of the Atlantic ocean from every crack and crevice - a constant reminder that you're imprisoned in this mentalist dystopia - is rekindled immediately as we pull into a battered train station."

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meepmoopmeep3677d ago

i didn't even finish the first Bioshock yet


dgroundwater3677d ago

Haha stop posting news and play the game already! No seriously thanks for the update.