How Demon's Souls Changes RPGs

Snarkasaur of Spawn Kill looks at From Software's Demon's Souls and offers opinions on how this monster could change an entire genre.

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ihaten4glol3683d ago

All this talk has me ready to pop in Demon's Souls...whenever I can get it.

sikbeta3683d ago

This game is really addictive even if you already know it'll kick your but, the satisfaction of beat it is priceless

rrquinta3683d ago

I just wish I had more time to play it...

K-Tuck3683d ago

I agree with this article. Its brutal, realistic, and endearing.

frostypants3683d ago

...too bad it is only 10 degrees because it isn't some CoD flamebait crap.

This is the kind of thing N4G needs more of. Very well written, very good points. Demon's Souls is the most innovative game of the year. And indeed, while Dragon Age has a great story, the gameplay feels, forget that, IT IS...a weak WoW knock-off compared to Demon's Souls.

tigresa3683d ago

I wholeheartedly agree! But of course since there are no breasts in the image or Halo in the title... Y'know.

I want to try Demon's Souls simply for the brutality factor. I just can't stand hearing about it and not knowing what 'brutal' really means. I'll tack it onto my PS3 list when I pick up a Triple. ^_^

Anilom3683d ago

Demon's Souls Rocks!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.