GameStop to enter digital distribution market

US specialist retail giant GameStop has revealed that it is to launch a digital distribution service to allow gamers to download add-ons for products, with testing set to begin early next year.

While the service won't initially be aimed at full game downloads, the company believes that the market will grow for DLC and other game content, reports Reuters.

"A large market for full game downloads is not imminent, (but) the add-on downloadable market will grow," said GameStop COO Paul Raines at the BMO Capital Management Digital Entertainment conference.

In a recent meeting with Lazard Capital analyst Colin Sebastian the retailer admitted it wanted to become the "world's largest digital aggregator," and it has also been linked with a swoop for Valve's Steam service.

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Darkestbeforedawn3685d ago

it pretty funny that GameStop has to say that a market for full game downloads isn't imminent. Oh it may not be imminent, COO Paul Raines, but it is inevitable. I seriously can't wait to see the giant scam that is GameStop go away forever.

meepmoopmeep3685d ago

everyone wants a piece of the pie

Darkestbeforedawn3685d ago

but I hope that the big three and the publishers eventually push GameStop out.