Intel to pay AMD $1.25 billion as companies end litigation war; Is it a new chip era?

Have Intel got off lightly over their anti-trust case with its rival? Is this the beginning of something special for the future of CPU's? Who knows, we can only hope. Intel has had a strangle-hold on the market for too long now and has forced AMD and consumers to lose value, for their own gain. Does a leopard change it's spots? Read on to find out more...

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Nihilism3674d ago

ahaha, suck **** intel, you really had it coming, dell made 30% of their profits annuals from intel prior to 2006 from payouts from intel so them wouldn't use amd processors...

Hopefully now this will level the field, and as amd also owns ati, maybe this could fund some better R&D for them too

Better performing, lower price cpu's and gpu's due to more competition?, Hell MF yes!

Nihilism3674d ago

please god, forgive me for my atrocious grammar....i don't know what happened, maybe i was having a epileptic fit at the time....

sikbeta3674d ago

They didn't have a tech agreement, AMD making affordable Processors and intel taking all the consumer lol, not seriously, I'm lost forget to read this articles

I want to see the Hybrid CPU+GPU Microprocessor AMD announced a long time

darkmurder3674d ago

Bah drop in the ocean for them, they have what they need now, anywhom go Nvidia!

Noctis Aftermath3674d ago

Hopefully this allows AMD to get back into a position where it can be competitive, cause having 1 company have a monopoly isn't good for anyone.

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Madis0073674d ago

AMD = only loses money
Intel = making money


Ofcause Intel is better

Nihilism3674d ago

"Intel(GeForce) "


Geforce is an Nvidia brand, a completely separate company, one which has an extreme rivalry with intel and is engaged in a law suit against them

sikbeta3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

"AMD = only loses money"

Yeah, but thanks to the Intel TRICKS, If you know what I'm saying then is nothing to celebrate, Variety is always better for consumers, is more than enough with an only OS system, MAC is in a long way and linux (Ubuntu user here) is not taking serious

"Ofcause Intel is better"

When I saw the "Dual-Core" performance test I was surprised, maybe nothing change and still being the same

GamerSciz3674d ago

In February 1982, AMD signed a contract with Intel, becoming a licensed second-source manufacturer of 8086 and 8088 processors. IBM wanted to use the Intel 8088 in its IBM PC, but IBM's policy at the time was to require at least two sources for its chips. AMD later produced the Am286 under the same arrangement, but Intel canceled the agreement in 1986 and refused to convey technical details of the i386 part. AMD challenged Intel's decision to cancel the agreement and won in arbitration, but Intel disputed this decision. A long legal dispute followed, ending in 1994 when the Supreme Court of California sided with AMD. Subsequent legal disputes centered on whether AMD had legal rights to use derivatives of Intel's microcode. In the face of uncertainty, AMD was forced to develop "clean room" versions of Intel code.

In 1991, AMD released the Am386, its clone of the Intel 386 processor. It took less than a year for the company to sell a million units. Later, the Am486 was used by a number of large original equipment manufacturers, including Compaq, and proved popular. Another Am486-based product, the Am5x86, continued AMD's success as a low-price alternative. However, as product cycles shortened in the PC industry, the process of reverse engineering Intel's products became an ever less viable strategy for AMD.

Subzero200x3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

No intel just figured out that amd is superior when it comes to better cpu's at half the cost.

"AMD = only loses money
Intel = making money


Ofcause Intel is better"

What kind of a reject is this guy? amd is cheap and wayy better pentium was intels best product.

LightofDarkness3674d ago

When's the last time you saw an AMD CPU out-perform it's Intel rival in all-round tests? Last I checked, Lynnfield was decimating the entire AMD line-up for a similar cost.

STONEY43674d ago

AMD is better for the price, but Intel has always had the better processors. No AMD processor has passed the I7, which has been out for a while. Kind of reminds me of ATI and Nvidia. ATI has better prices, but Nvidia always has the more powerful GPU.